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Adorable video shows corgi puppy trying to stop owner from sneezing

AN ADORABLE video shows a corgi puppy attempting to stop her owner whenever she hears her sneeze.

Lizzy Del Real captured the footage at her home in Chicago, Illinois, USA, last Thursday.

The 32-year-old already knew her Pembroke Welsh corgi called Cinnamon was unique, but caught it on camera this time after previously noticing her reaction to the noise.

The clip begins with Lizzy sitting on the couch as she eyes up her puppy off-screen.

Lizzy then pretends to sneeze and within a few seconds six-month-old Cinnamon appears into view after jumping onto the sofa.

Cinnamon then paws at Lizzy playfully, gazing warily at her with her ears perked up.

Just when the pup thinks that the all-clear has been given, Lizzy builds up to another sneeze and Cinnamon snaps her head round upon hearing the noise.

Lizzy then sneezes again and Cinnamon responds with an eruption of licks and soft headbutts, pawing at Lizzy until she stops.

The stay-at-home mum tries to keep up the façade but Cinnamon’s insistent pawing and displays of affection get the better of her as she breaks character.

The video ends with Lizzy cuddling and stroking Cinnamon whilst asking the puppy: “You don’t like me sneezing?”

Corgi Cinnamon getting frustrated at Lizzi's sneez
Corgi Cinnamon jumped on Lizzi as soon as she pretended to sneeze.

The mum-of-two uploaded the heartwarming video onto Facebook on Thursday.

She captioned the clip: “I noticed Cinnamon cannot stand when someone sneezes so I just had to get a video of her in action. She’s an absolute nut”

The video has over 4,400 likes and has more than 600 comments, with users quick to share their dogs’ curious similarities.

Meg Marie said: “My corgi does the exact same thing. So crazy. Now even when she is not around me I instinctively put my arms up to block her from jumping on me.”

Valerie A Shirley wrote: “Mine used to run up to me like this.

“I thought it was cute, like he was checking in on me. After five years he’s just annoyed. Now he barks at me every time I sneeze.”

Alessandro Bragalini commented: “My corgi does not come towards me, it is the opposite, if I sneeze in a street it is like a signal to run for her.

“Every time I sneeze we start running like crazy for 30 metres.”

And Laurie Beam Thompson wrote: “Love it! My corgi twitches his ears when I have a burp.”

Cinnamon the corgi bumping Lizzi's nose when she sneezed
When Lizzi pretended to sneeze again, the corgi leapt up towards her nose.

Speaking today, Lizzy said: “I first noticed her reacting to sneezes like that about two months ago – when she really started to show her personality.

“When she first did it, I laughed hysterically.

“I was shocked actually, because all of the dogs I’ve had before her never cared for any obnoxious noises so her reaction was priceless.

She added: “(Cinnamon) has a very witty and funny personality.

“She is scared of the ice maker on the fridge when it refills the ice and she is scared of watermelons – super weird, I know.

“She loves to play hide and seek with my daughter but scares easily with shadows and does not like the dark. 

“Since she is a herding dog she doesn’t like it when we are all in separate rooms so she will try to herd us into one room.”

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