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Carer struck off for messaging 13-year-old boy in paedo vigilante sting

A SCOTS carer has been struck off for messaging who he thought was a 13-year-old boy in a paedophile vigilante sting.
Michael Docherty was removed from the register by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) on Friday following his vile behaviour last year.

The 29-year-old, from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, “repeatedly sent messages of a sexual nature” to a person known as “Ben” on the dating website, Meet Me.

Docherty then began suggesting that he should meet up with “Ben” and they should get a hotel room together. 

Despite being told repeatedly that “Ben” was only 13, Docherty insisted that wasn’t a problem and told the “boy” to trust him.
His conversations with “Ben” became increasingly graphic with Docherty saying he would “entertain” and have sex with him. 
He also sent “Ben”, who pretended he was from Blackpool, a picture of an erect penis, claiming it was his. 

Vigilante group Phoenix Guardians of the Innocents, who were operating Ben’s account, tipped off another group, Maximum Exposure, about Docherty.

Maximum Exposure then filmed themselves confronting Docherty at his house before contacting police about the sick messages.

In June this year, he was put on the sex offenders’ register for three years and given a three year supervision order as an alternative to jail time at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

An SSSC report, detailing their decision to remove Docherty from the register, stated: “You have been convicted of two sexual offences, namely attempting to communicate indecently with a child and attempting to cause a child to view a sexual image.

Carer Michael Docherty being confronted by Maximum Exposure
The carer was approached by Maximum Exposure and admitted to sending the sick messages.          (C) Maximum Exposure

“Such convictions are extremely serious and your behaviour is fundamentally incompatible with working in social care.
“The behaviour resulting in your convictions was an attempt by you to act in a sexually inappropriate manner towards a child. 
“Such behaviour is almost impossible to remediate. 
“It is a fundamental tenet of the social care profession that workers protect vulnerable people from harm. 
“Whilst the behaviour took place outside work, and there was no harm to service users, it nonetheless involved you attempting to take advantage of a vulnerable young person. 
“Such behaviour is extremely serious.”

They concluded: “After referring to our Decisions Guidance, we decided to impose a removal order, removing your registration from the SSSC Register.”

In the video, filmed by vigilante group Maximum Exposure on June 30 2020, a woman can be heard confronting Docherty on his doorstep with screenshots of messages.

Hamilton Sheriff Court where Michael Docherty was sentenced
The carer was sentenced at Hamilton Sheriff Court in June.                                                                       (C) Google Maps

She said: “You were showing somebody how to masterbate. Would you like me to show you a picture of your c**k, I’ve got it right here.

“You gave the child your details.”

The woman then shows Docherty a photograph and asks “Is that yours?”

He then nods before the woman replied: “Right so you’re admitting that you sent that to a 13-year-old child?”

Docherty then nods again before the group of vigilantes inform them that they are contacting the police regarding the messages.

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