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Wheelie weird – Bizarre video shows “Steven Seagal” wannabe trying to fight with wheelie bin outside nightclub

A BIZARRE video shows a “Steven Seagal” wannabe trying to fight with a wheelie bin outside a nightclub.

The peculiar incident was filmed outside Flares nightclub in York, North Yorkshire on Thursday night.

In the video, captioned “Man fighting bin”, a topless man can be seen approaching the black wheelie bin with his chest puffed out and trousers hiked up to his belly button.

He then stops just shy of the bin and begins extending one leg out at a time in a windmill action.

The unknown man then unleashes an almighty karate chop onto the lid of the bin before spinning his hands around and walking away.

The video then cuts to the same man performing a series of kung-fu inspired attacks onto thin air.

He was filmed spinning his hands, giving uppercuts and kicking the air while a bouncer is shown following him around with what appears to be the man’s shirt in his hand.

A caption on the video reads: “Bouncer has been unsuccessfully trying to get him to put his shirt on for 10 minutes.”

The video then ends with the man ignoring the bouncer’s pleas to put his clothes on.

The man attacking the wheelie bin with a karate chop
The man attacking the wheelie bin with a karate chop.                                                                              (C) QueenChoco

Reddit user QueenChoco captured the video and uploaded it on the social media website on Friday, captioned “Man vs Bin, York”.

The clip has gained over 200 likes and dozens of comments from viewers who have compared the man to characters including actor Steven Seagal.

@King-Henry-VIIIs-Cat said: “Steven Seagal has seen better days. His opponent was literally rubbish and he lost.”

@TidalPod wrote: “Please put a spoiler tag if you are going to be showing leaked footage for the next season of Cobra Kai.”

@fallencabanel said: “William Regal hasn’t been the same since his days at WWE.”

@Harry_Isthatyou commented: “What a legend. Bin stood no chance.”

The man in a fighting pose whilst the bouncer attempts to persuade him to put his shirt back on.
The man adopts several fighting poses throughout the video.                                                                    (C) QueenChoco

Speaking today, Reddit user QueenChoco, who filmed the footage, said: “He was bothering teenagers outside the club and couldn’t get to them because it was a student night.

“Then at some point he just took his shirt off and started doing karate moves with very little prompting. 

“The bouncer followed him about until he got him to put his shirt back on and then the guy just disappeared.”

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