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Scots nursery worker to stay on register despite saying “I hate babies”

A SCOTS nursery worker has been allowed to stay on the register despite saying “I hate babies”. 

Joanne Quarrell was issued with a warning and told by the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) last week that she must now undertake “dignity and respect” training. 

The nursery worker, from Glasgow, has also been told she must write a reflective account regarding her comment and several other incidents.

The SSSC issued nursery worker Joanne Quarrell with a warning
The SSSC gave nursery worker Joanne Quarrell a warning on Saturday.

Quarrel was found to have shouted at one child in a harsh tone “don’t lick your plate, you’re not a dog”. 

She also said to another child “this is the fourth time I have had to speak to you, come get your teeth brushed now, you have to brush them in nursery ‘cause you’re probably one of the ones who doesn’t bother brushing them in the house”.

She grabbed another child by the arm and lifted them off the floor in order to get past them. 

And on another occasion she grabbed another child, who was just three-years-old, by the wrist and dragged them across the room to a chair. 

She told a fifth child “in a disgusted tone” who was eating her lunch at the time, “you’ll not be sitting with me while you make that noise” and pushed her plate away. 

She also made comments on more than one occasion about the children she was working with, such as “I hate covering here” and “I hate babies”. 

The SSSC decided on Saturday to issue Quarrell with a warning on her registration for two years and requested that she has further training.

In their report regarding the incidents, which happened between October 2017 and February 2019, the SSSC said: “Your actions represent a pattern of behaviour and conduct which falls below the standard expected of a person working in early years care provision.

“Social service workers responsible for young children are expected to treat them with dignity and respect, and to protect them from harm. 

“You physically lifted two children in your care in a manner that used a level of force that was unnecessary in the circumstances. 

“You caused emotional harm to one of the children and risked physical harm to them both.

“Your verbal communication directly to children was demeaning, derogatory and unnecessarily sharp in tone on multiple occasions. 

“It shows a disregard for children’s wellbeing and risked emotional and psychological harm towards the children.

“You have failed to demonstrate any significant insight or reflection in relation to your behaviours.”

They concluded: “Having been advised of the consequences of accepting or not accepting the warning and condition, and recommended to take legal advice, you admitted that your fitness to practise is impaired and accepted the warning and condition on 12 September 2021.”

Quarrel must now provide evidence that any new employer in the industry is aware of the conditions on her registration within seven days of commencing employment. 

She must also undertake training on adult support and protection/safeguarding and child protection, dignity and respect, professional conduct and communication and positive, nurturing and age appropriate responses and communication with children.

Quarrell is also required to write a reflective account of her behaviour as listed in the findings of fact.

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