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NewsShocking video shows impatient motorists driving on public path to bypass fuel...

Shocking video shows impatient motorists driving on public path to bypass fuel queues

A SHOCKING video shows impatient motorists driving across a public path to bypass a line of traffic waiting for fuel.

HGV driver Daniel McRae filmed the footage as he waited in the lengthy queue outside Applegreen Service Station in Chesham, Buckinghamshire last week.

The footage shows a grey van driving slowly along a roadside path to the opposite side of the road after crossing the oncoming traffic lane.

A black SUV is shown driving ahead some way ahead of the van – seemingly not willing to wait in the lengthy stream of traffic.

A blue Seat Ibiza, which had previously been indicating right, is then shown pulling out of its space in the queue to follow the other drivers along the public footpath.

Just as the cars start to disappear into the distance, a stream of vehicles appear driving along in the oncoming traffic lane.

A black Skoda taxi then cruises in from off-screen and coasts along the path with its hazard lights flashing.

Luckily there does not appear to be any pedestrians walking along the path at the time the footage was filmed.

Vehicles mounting the public path and driving along it to bypass the traffic.
The vehicles have no issue with driving along the path to bypass the traffic.                                              (C) Daniel McRae

Daniel, 43, from Mountain Ash, Rhondda Cynon Taff, posted the clip onto Facebook last Thursday, writing: “…Crazy times we are in”.

The majority of users reacted in disbelief and dismay to the footage, with some calling for the police to be contacted.

One user said: “Monkey see monkey do. The bar is low.”

Another wrote: “It’s hard to even know the right words for this one.”

While another shocked viewer said: “Disgusting, I hope all the people driving on the grass verge are reported, caught and receive big fines and points on their licenses.”

And one member of the group commented: “Get number plates and report them, the taxi driver should know better – he or she could lose their license for that.”

Applegreen Service Station in Chesham, Buckinghamshire, where the video was captured of the vehicles overtaking the traffic on the path.
Applegreen Service Station in Chesham, where the video was captured.                                                     (C) Google Maps

Initially, BP announced on September 23 that they would be “temporarily” closing a handful of their service stations due to a shortage of HGV drivers.

Mass hysteria and panic buying followed, resulting in miles of queues, as well as confrontations and physical altercations between motorists at service stations across the UK.

As a result, in recent days the army has been drafted in to help deliver fuel to petrol stations.

The Petrol Retailers Association says the problems are “virtually at an end” in Scotland, the North and the Midland, but London and the South East remain the areas where shortages are at their worst. 

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