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Adorable video shows badger struggling to reach food on picnic table

AN ADORABLE video shows a badger struggling to reach food on a picnic table.

Kylie Bielby captured the curious creature’s attempts while on holiday in Kyle-of-Lochalsh in the Scottish Highlands, last week.

The 47-year-old and her husband, from Norfolk, were hoping to see some wildlife on their trip but never expected to have visitors in their holiday let back garden.


The clip starts with the badger pawing at a pile of fruit and cocktail sausages that the couple left out in the centre of the table.

The sausages have been placed slightly out of its reach but the badger persists at trying to get its claws on them.

At one point, it momentarily gives up the pursuit and takes a bite out of an apple that was placed at the edge of the table.

It chews away for a few seconds but then returns its attention to the meat in the middle of the table.

The badger’s frustration seems to build as it does a small hop to try and gain some momentum.

Unsuccessful but still undeterred, the animal shuffles comically around to the other side of the table on its hind legs.

In a much more advantageous position now, the badger sets to work, reaching out with its snout and paws to knock the cocktail sausages towards itself.

Finally successful in its efforts, the badger scoffs up the snacks and finally shuffles away.

A screenshot of the badger on its hind legs, attempting to grab the cocktail sausages from the picnic table.
The badger shuffles round the table to gain a better angle on the food.                                                        (C) Kylie Bielby

Journalist Kylie shared the video on Facebook yesterday, leaving users feeling sympathetic to the creature’s plight. 

Kylie wrote: “Don’t you just hate those buffets where the fancy cakes are too far away and all you can reach is the fruit salad?

“(In this case the fancy cakes were cocktail sausages).”

Viewers were left entertained by the clip.

Jan Guest said: “Love this! Put a little stool out!”

Janet Lister commented: “This is hilarious!”

And Ria Knott added: “Ohhhh bless him.”

Kylie, who spotted the badger whilst on holiday, with one of her greyhounds.
Kylie caught the badger on camera whilst on holiday with her husband and two greyhounds.                         (C) Kylie Bielby

Speaking today, Kylie said: “When we arrived (at the cottage) there were notes explaining what the badgers and pine martens like to eat. So we put out their food on their own picnic table in the evening. 

“The pine marten had been up on the feeding table first and knocked the best food out of reach for the smaller badger.

“I like to think it wasn’t deliberate but you never know.

“When he arrived at the table he could only reach the apples and peanuts, but really wanted the cocktail sausages.

“It reminded me of the times when you are at a buffet and they have put the fancy cakes right at the back and you can only reach the boring fruit salad.

“After that we made sure we arranged the food so that the pine martens could get to their favourite food (eggs and jam sandwiches) without moving the badger’s sausages.”

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