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Hilarious video shows laid-back seal loving life as it basks in the sun

A HILARIOUS video shows a seal loving life as it lies beside the water and basks in the sun.
Alan Clark was taking photographs and videos at Harrow Harbour near Caithness in the Scottish Highlands last month when he spotted the relaxed seal. 
Alan, who admits he is “not a huge fan of seals”, decided to film this particular one after it caught his eye for its laid-back demeanor.


The video shows the glossy seal lying on its back, scratching the side of its head and appearing to smile. 
It looks to be very comfortable as it wriggles around on seaweed and rubs its face while enjoying the sunshine. 
Alan posted the video on Facebook last Thursday where viewers were left in stitches at the seal’s chilled behaviour.
One social media user said: “Wow, one happy seal. Loving life…”
Another said: “I think I could watch him all day.”
One viewer wrote: “Have you ever seen anything so content!”

Seal looking along the harbour
It looked up and posed for Alan to video at one point.

And another viewer added: “OMG this is wonderful, just chilling in the sun, love it and thanks for sharing.”
Speaking today, Alan said: “I know you’re not supposed to link animal behaviour to that of humans.
“But I think people love it because it’s acting with human characteristics.
“It’s acting super cool and aloof, very much in control, and like it can’t be doing with the stresses of mere human beings.

Seal scratching itself on the rocks
The seal scratched its back cheerfully on the rocks.

“I can imagine him in a silk dressing gown, with a cigar and a double brandy. 
“We spend a lot of time down there. 

“It was there when we got there.
“Those rocks are covered at high tide, but at midpoint they’re a nice safe haven.
“We might have been there for an hour or so, with not much happening.
“Must admit I’m not a huge fan of seals, but this was such a bonny specimen.
“I didn’t think much of it at the time, but people love it.
“I wish I’d taken more of an interest now, I haven’t seen it since.”

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