Friday, May 27, 2022
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Home renovator creates public poll outside house to decide what colour to paint house

A HOME renovator has created a public poll on their outside wall to help them decide what colour to paint their house.

A passerby noticed three swatches of paint next to the door of a property in Kemptown, Brighton, with the question: “What colour should we paint our house?”

The short garden wall in front of the three options, listed as A, B and C, also stated “Advisory referendum only”.

A photo of the house, which the residents have left a public poll outside of, to help decide the new colour for their exterior walls.
The public poll has been written on the wall outside the house.                                                                   (C) @rosseepoo

Option A features a deep burgundy colour, whilst B is an “avocado” green and C a simple red shade.

According to the tally mark left by members of the public, burgundy is in the lead with 60 plus votes for the favoured choice of colour for the house.

The residents of the house have also left a pen so that voters have everything they need to get involved in the vote.

Reddit user @rosseepoo shared a snap of the inventive paint-choosing method yesterday, writing: “How to pick what colour to paint your house.”

A photo of the votes per colour so far.
The colour options have drummed up hundreds of votes.                                                                           (C) @rosseepoo

The idea has proved an instant hit with social media users after attracting more than 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

@TessellateMyClox said: “Colours for the front door? Yes, why not. Colours for the entire frontage? No, way too dark.”

@Medium-Room1078 said: “Quirky, but TBF none of those colours are going to look nice, and the public has picked the least worse one!

“Who thinks that avocado is a suitable colour for a house!”

@PollyTing said: “This is a very Brighton thing to do.”

@Shofutastic added: “Somehow I knew this was Brighton even before seeing the council on the bin.”

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