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MOWO: Seating furniture designed for a healthier lifestyle

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Prolonged sitting can be very harmful as metabolism slows down by 90 percent after 30 minutes. It slows down the enzymes that move the bad fats from your arteries to your muscles. The tissues in your lower body are immobilized and after two hours, good cholesterol drops by 20 percent. Moving or swinging while sitting can get things going again, and fortunately, there now is a range of seating furniture that allows you to move, swing, bounce, and wiggle.

MOWO, a range of sitting furniture that not only looks different but makes you feel different, helps you to move while sitting. The innovative furniture is made from thin plywood that bends and twists underneath you when you sit down. It transforms sitting from a passive activity into an active and playful experience.

Most of us spend over 30 hours sitting at our work desks every single week. Sitting down for long hours causes several stresses in our bodies, especially our spines. “Most of today’s ergonomic chairs are trying to force our bodies into one position. Instead of sitting still, constant movement and a regular change of position are much more beneficial for our bodies. It activates our muscles, enhances our blood flow, and helps us concentrate,” says Lisa Stolz, creator of MOWO.

MOWO furniture is made of ultra-thin and curved plywood. It took enormous amounts of design genius to achieve the right thickness and composition of the veneers. Years of experiments and testing have gone into this durable material that is thin enough to bend and twist. Moreover, MOWO furniture is strong enough to withstand heavy loads. “People often think the material could break under their weight, but it only takes a few seconds of trying to convince them otherwise. Plywood is an incredibly strong material due to the high tensile strength of wooden fibers,” says Lisa.

MOWO’s CC Series is a family of stools, fun objects for everyday use from desk work to dining. The Einser and Achter stools allow tilting and twisting movements during sitting. The symmetric shapes and the absence of backrests will encourage you to explore different sitting positions.

MOWO is designed for the entire family. Your kids will love the Einser and use it as a rocking chair, while the Achter can be used as a functional side table. Moreover, you can use it during a yoga session. It can also be transformed into exciting sculptures. Furthermore, MOWO also offers a springy, comfortable mat that helps you calm down and relax.

During the research phase, Lisa and the team worked and interviewed different physiotherapists and osteopaths, who later tested the CC stools and reviewed them. Here’s what one of the osteopaths has to say.

“As an osteopath, I recommend my patients to be active during their working hours in order to take care of their spine. The CC stools are the perfect combination of body comfort and movement. I would definitely recommend them.” – Sarah Castoldi, Osteopath at Milano Kinetic, Milan, Italy.

Recently, MOWO moved into a funding stage and has launched a Kickstarter campaign.

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