Newlyweds spotted risking their lives at ridge of fairy pools waterfall


A NEWLY married couple were allegedly spotted risking their lives to have wedding photographs taken at the ridge of a fast flowing Scots waterfall beside the fairy pools.

Shocked onlookers watched in horror as a bride and groom allegedly slipped after posing in the middle of the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye on Saturday. 

Antonia Dennis, who happens to be a risk compliance officer, claims she saw the couple standing right on the edge of one of the waterfalls with a drop of around 20ft.

The fall the couple might have had from the fairy pools
Antonia believes the couple would have died if they had fallen.                                                              (C) Antonia Dennis

The 50-year-old said that she and the photographer were screaming at the couple to come away from the waterfall ridge but they couldn’t hear them due to strong winds.

After having photos taken while standing in the middle of the flowing water, the bride allegedly turned around to get out but slipped on the rocks.

Luckily Antonia said the woman, who was wearing a white bridal gown, managed to regain her balance despite the water flowing heavily as it was raining.

But the groom then ended up slipping as he walked back and fell backwards into the water – luckily not slipping forward and ending up over the edge.

Antonia, from Derbyshire, posted about the “heart-stopping moment” on Facebook on Saturday with the caption: “We just nearly witnessed a death and I’m not even joking. 

Fairy Pools rocks
The couple stood right on the edge of the waterfall.                                                                               (C) Antonia Dennis

“This bride and groom having their photo done at Fairy Pools stupidly decided to walk out onto the top of this waterfall. 

“Raining and in full flow. 

“She nearly slipped over the edge first.  

“Then he nearly went but thankfully fell backwards into the pool part. 

“He’s so lucky he didn’t fall the other way. 

“The photographer clearly hadn’t been briefed on their plan, she wasn’t happy when they walked out.  

“Personally I would have stopped the shoot but I guess as they were out there…

“My stomach is still in knots. Not worth it.  

“Get married and then kill yourself?” 

The post now has just under 150 likes, with dozens of people commenting on the terrifyingly brazen couple. 

Joan Dennis said: “People like this make me so cross. 

“They not only put themselves at risk but those who have to risk life and limb to rescue them or retrieve their bodies. 

“They should think of their family and the effect it would have on them.” 

Shelly Loveridge said: “All for a different picture, how insane.”

Maria Harris replied: “That would’ve been so terrible. What were they thinking?

“Glad everything was OK. Scary for you too.”

View of the waterfall at the fairy pools
The fall looks to be around 20 feet.

Lisa Barton added: “Insanity. I feel sorry for YOU and the photographer!”

Speaking today (WED), Antonia said: “The photographer said to stand next to it and they just walked right out. 

“We were shouting ‘No! What are you doing?’ but they couldn’t hear in the heavy rain and wind. 

“Her wedding dress would have been really wet and heavy. 

“She turned and slipped but managed to steady herself.

“It was a proper heart-stopping moment, my heart was in my mouth. 

“They couldn’t see it but there were rocks sticking out below them. 

“She would have died if she’d fallen, there’s no doubt about it. 

“Then he slipped into the Fairy Pool on his way back, he fell about chest height. 

“He would also have died if he’d fallen the other way over the edge. 

“I think they were laughing out of relief when they got back. 

“I was concerned they would publish it and people would copy and someone actually would slip and die. 

“It left a knot in my stomach.”