Friday, June 24, 2022
NewsHermes driver suspended after being filmed tossing parcels into van

Hermes driver suspended after being filmed tossing parcels into van

A HERMES driver has been suspended after being filmed carelessly tossing parcels into the back of a delivery van.
A shocking video, filmed by shocked onlooker Justin Dracup, captured the female courier throwing customers’ parcels into the back of a van on Tuesday evening.
Justin, 31, spotted the woman transferring packages from a trolley into her van on Castle Road in Bedford, Bedfordshire.


The woman then sends a square parcel spinning into a blue Hermes van with an underarm throw.
She then picks up another box and throws it overhand further into the lorry, with no regard for what is in the parcel.
She continues to pick up boxes and throw them hard towards the front of the van, with height on the throws to clear other items inside.
A man can be heard swearing in shock as the woman continues to fire the parcels into the back of the long van. 

He then says: “We’ve had three this week that are damaged.”
When finished, the woman puts her hand on her thigh for support and climbs the big step into the van. 

An onlooker can be heard saying: “I bet she was good at netball” after witnessing the incident unfold.
Justin posted the video onto a Facebook group related to Hermes on Tuesday with the caption: “Castle Road in Bedford”. 

Hermes driver throwing a parcel underhand
She threw one parcel underarm into the back of the van.                                                                         (C) Justin Dracup

Dozens of people have now commented on the woman’s reckless loading of the van. 
Lisa Kennedy said: “It’s certainly not good practice regardless if other companies do it too!
“We could all stand and chuck things as we are too lazy to walk and place them, just because you work unsupervised is not an excuse for any company to damage due to sheer laziness”.
Victoria Riley wrote: “This company is seriously useless.”
Peter Perriam said: “If she is on the books with Hermes she should be sacked.”
Monika Kiss added: “The worst delivery company.”
Speaking today, Justin said: “We were in the pub minding our own business. 

Hermes driving hurling a box into the van overhand
Another parcel was hurled overarm into the Hermes van.                                                                         (C) Justin Dracup

“I noticed her chucking them out of the corner of my eye and had to video it.”

Hermes today apologised for the incident and slammed the driver’s behaviour.

A spokeswoman said: “This is a totally unacceptable way to handle parcels and we apologise.

“The driver involved has been suspended with immediate effect pending a full investigation.”

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