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How To Look Great Through A Cold Winter


Every year our wardrobes go through a transition from summer to winter clothes, and with it comes an interesting challenge to still look your best while applying as many items as possible to keep you warm through cold winter conditions.

Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash
Photo by Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

However, piling layers of clothing on does not have to be uncomfortable or unfashionable, no matter whether you’re a man or woman! For some people, it’s a chance to be creative with the items they currently have in their wardrobe and a chance to go shopping for more.

Here we take a look at some of the best ideas from boots to hats that keep you looking great during the winter months without feeling cold.

Dress In Layers

One of the biggest issues with piling on the layers is comfortability. The trick is to buy an oversized coat (like 1 or 2 sizes bigger) that will allow you to wear tops, t-shirts, jumpers, and jackets underneath. This will give you more room for flexibility rather than looking like a stuffed penguin walking down the street.

Body Warmers are made for cold weather conditions and come in lots of stylish designs that will fit over other jackets or thick jumpers to keep you extra cosy. Pair a body warmer over a thermal long-sleeve t-shirt and a woolly turtleneck jumper with a pair of insulated gloves, and you have a super warm combination that will look stylish.

Long Winter Boots

This option works for men and women, even though it is more common for women to walk around in long boots.

Investing in a pair of furry stylish long boots with some thermal socks underneath is the best way to prepare your feet for cold weather. Add a pair of thick thermal leggings or jeans with the furry boots, and your bottom half will be prepared for temperatures of -20.

Trendy hats, Gloves, & Scarf

When harsh winter conditions come around, you will never leave the house without at least a scarf, gloves, or hat, and one of the best and most trending materials to keep your head nice warm during winter are snoods. Luckily, Club Snoods are made from stretchable lycra fabric, giving you comfort and style!

No winter outfit is complete without a long woolly scarf that wraps around your neck and face. They come in lots of stylish designs nowadays, and you can find many different ways to wear them on YouTube to suit your style of clothing.

Last but not least are the gloves, which are a must for keeping those fingers from frostbite. Look for gloves with inner fur, have leather on the outside, and ones that come down the wrist a few inches to go over your jumper and under your coat.


When it comes to what type of trousers to wear, because let’s face it, during the winter in -10 or more, no one is putting on a skirt or dress to look good. It’s just crazy and does the opposite of keeping you warm.

Trousers, on the other hand, whether it is padded memory trousers, ski trousers, insulated fleece sweatpants, or quilted padded trousers, will stop your legs from going blue and numb throughout the winter months. Some models are more stylish than others and can easily match with other clothing items, plus they are extremely comfortable.