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UncategorizedHow Xinix’s Hosted VoIP Enables a Unified Business Communication Platform

How Xinix’s Hosted VoIP Enables a Unified Business Communication Platform

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To begin with, hosted VoIP is another term used for hosted PBX. Here, the hosted denotes the hardware, and PBX is hosted at an off-site location. From there, the VoIP telephone services are used. Furthermore, an office has the option to use VoIP telephone service that influences their phones, but the PBX can be hosted at the data center of their VoIP providers, hence hosted VoIP. Although, it is a temptation to stay with the accustomed, specifically for organizations who do not have a high budget or in-house technical expertise.

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash
Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on Unsplash

Companies of every size are making the switch to hosted VoIP as a communication tool for businesses. The main reason for this upsurge in switching includes the wide-ranging advantages. As a result, companies achieve a significant level of savings on their monthly phone bill by making the switch. This is further supported by the rapid and consistent growth of the VoIP market, such as it is growing at more than 15 percent annually. Apart from cost reduction, it also renders additional benefits like more business tools. It entails fiber-optic internet connectivity, so a business appreciates a great level of advantages in uptime and reliability. There are many more benefits of using Xinix business VoIP to validate the investment cost and switching, as highlighted below.

Better Management

The installation of a legacy phone system in an office space needs scheduling an appointment to run the wiring and equipment as per the phone system. Although this is hardly ever a constant issue, it is certainly a pain when you initially set up the phone lines. In addition, it also entails the process of making substantial changes in the phone lines as well. However, it is rather easy, to begin with, VoIP. Only handsets are needed that can share the same switches and wiring as the respective LAN of the company. Nonetheless, the support of providers alters per vendor. But ensuring the connection of the business with the hosted VoIP, like Xinix’s, need a minimum of internal skills and expertise.

Additional Features

Xinix’s hosted VoIP is flexible and scalable to the specific needs of the business. Several latest startups may require a minimum set of features to attain a cost-effective solution. Whereas, well-established companies may want to use the most features possible for integrated communication.

Irrespective of where a company falls on such a scale, attaining services of a provider that provides an entire suite of VoIP add-on tools. In addition, such features can transform business communications. Some of the best add-on features include data integration and remote management. Furthermore, interactive voice recognition is another beneficial tool that enables smarter call routing fueled by intelligence built into the company system. Moreover, chat for both external and internal communications lead to an integration with the customer relationship management (CRM) system.

Unified Business Communication

With a VoIP provider, a company attains a wide range of business features and tools. But placing the phones, data, internet connectivity, and add-on services on a single network helps a company achieve so many communication goals. In addition, it also enables companies to accomplish better customer satisfaction because of transparency. Furthermore, it also includes higher employee troubleshooting, enhanced team collaboration, and improved customer service.

Xinix’s hosted VoIP also offers a smarter call routing. It provides a great level of flexibility in routing and allows companies to augment the calls received as per the skill level, CSR training, and other aspects. As a result, VoIP renders a comprehensive platform for organizational communications that work well with the employees and organizational goals.

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