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NewsScots workie and colleagues in stitches after mum packs boozy Dragon Soop...

Scots workie and colleagues in stitches after mum packs boozy Dragon Soop in lunch box

A SCOTS workie and his colleagues were left in stitches when he discovered his mum had accidentally packed a can of boozy Dragon Soop alongside his lunch.
Robbie Livingstone couldn’t believe it when he delved into his lunchbox on Tuesday (OCT 5) and discovered the 7.5% caffeinated alcoholic beverage inside.
The 23-year-old’s mum had been preparing sandwiches for the day ahead and was “half-asleep” when she handed him his lunch for the day.

Robbie, from Milton of Campsie, East Dunbartonshire, said his mum thought the can was an energy drink and didn’t realise it had alcohol in it.

A photo of the Dragon Soop can - which Robbie's mum packed in his lunch box.
Robbie Livingstone’s mum accidentally packed the can for his lunch.                                                              (C) John Blair

The HGV mechanic’s workmates at WH Malcolm Logistics were left in stitches when they spotted the drink.
Robbie’s workmate John Blair posted about the mix up on Twitter on Tuesday (OCT 5), captioned: “Boy from my work’s mum put a can of Dragon Soop in with his lunch thinking it was an energy drink”
The photo shows the £2.99 “Wicked Watermelon” flavoured Dragon Soop being held in front of the camera.
The post has proved a hit with social media users, gaining over 20,000 likes on Instagram and 9,500 likes and hundreds of shares on Twitter.

Denise Brock said: “Bet he had a good day!”
Paul Watson wrote: “It’ll certainly keep him awake!”
Sam Robson joked: “Does she take in lodgers?”
Niall Crawford added: “Did he drink it? If not, sack him on the spot.”
A popular drink in Scotland, Dragon Soop is a caffeinated alcoholic drink – fortified with vodka whilst containing high levels of caffeine.

A photo of Robbie Livingstone, who discovered the can of Dragon Soop in his lunch box.
HGV mechanic Robbie Livingstone.                                                                                                 (C) Robbie Livingstone

Speaking today (THU), Robbie said: “Me and my workmates were p****ng ourselves when I pulled it out the bag.
“The can was my brothers – it had been sitting in the fridge for ages and she thought it was an energy drink.
“It was the first time she’s made that mistake but it probably won’t be the last!
“She finds the whole thing funny, and says she was half asleep when she gave me it – although she can’t believe how much attention it’s gotten.
“I like Dragon Soop on occasion – hopefully I’ll get that sponsorship soon!
“I was tempted to drink it on the job, but I decided I didn’t fancy getting sacked.”

Having seen the post go viral, Robbie has since reached out to Dragon Soop themselves, messaging them to cheekily ask if they’ll sponsor him.
In his message, Robbie sends a screenshot of the original post, and asks: “I’ve gone viral for this, can I have a sponsorship please?”

So far, Robbie has not had a response.

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