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NewsCCTV captures moment fuming homeowner catches man urinating in his garden fountain

CCTV captures moment fuming homeowner catches man urinating in his garden fountain

THIS is the moment a fuming homeowner caught a man urinating in his garden fountain on CCTV and chased him down the street.

CCTV footage captured the male, believed to be in his early 20s, relieving himself in a garden in Wavertree, Liverpool on Monday.  

In the video, a group of around five people can be seen walking along the street holding a variety of objects including a fire extinguisher and a long pole. 

One member of the group, eating a takeaway, then appears to spot a water fountain in a nearby front garden and points towards it to his friends.

Another man then appears and walks up to the fountain and shamelessly pulls his trousers down before appearing to urinate into the fountain. 

The sound of the urine splashing into the water can be heard on the footage as the brazen man relieves himself.

After around 30 seconds standing at the fountain, a door can be heard unlocking before a raging resident is shown storming down the path towards the man. 

The man then frantically zips up his trousers and makes a dash towards the gate but slips through the gate whilst the homeowner tries to grab him. 

The raging resident then gets caught on the gate, giving the unwanted visitor just enough time to get away. 

CCTV screenshot of the man urinating into a garden fountain
The man was caught on CCTV urinating into the fountain.

The homeowner, who wishes to remain anonymous, posted videos of the incident on Facebook on Monday, writing: “Can anyone on Brookdale Road please help me to identify any of these people? 

“I caught him p***ing in the fountain and chased them to Brookdale Road where they ran into a house but I did not see which house they went into.”

Locals were shocked by the footage, with some suggesting that more police patrols should be added to the streets.

Ann Crowder said: “Little b******s. I hope you find them, they seem to be targeting your fountain.

“Where are these so-called patrols? They need to patrol when pubs are letting out, not at 9pm, it’s totally useless then.”

Jackie Lunt wrote: “ I would be knocking on every house till I found the dirty rats.”

And Eileen Tootle added: “What’s wrong with these horrible d***heads ,need to grow up.”

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