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Dog’s Dinner: Clever puppy works out how to get ice from fridge

A CLEVER puppy has managed to work out how to get ice out of the fridge.

Milo has figured out that instead of having water, the five-month-old pooch could just go straight to the fridge dispenser and help himself to refreshing ice cubes.

Owner Jane Hulme, from Stourbridge, near Dudley, West Midlands, was left in stitches after spotting Milo using the fridge last Thursday.

The crafty pup walked up to the fridge and began pawing at the ice dispenser – successfully managing to get ice to crunch down on.

Since then he has continued to keep going to the fridge every time he is looking for some ice to relieve his thirst.

Jane has now been forced to put the lock on the dispenser over fears that Milo could end up flooding the kitchen.

After doing this though the black lab spent twenty minutes barking and pawing at the dispenser, frustrating that he had been rumbled.

A video shows Milo managing to get an ice cube from the unlocked dispenser and looking proud of himself as he looks back at Jane’s daughter Carla, 18, who is filming. 

Another clip shows the confused pup pawing furiously at the dispenser but having no joy due to it being locked.

Jane posted the video of Milo trying to use the fridge on Facebook on Thursday (OCT 30) with the caption: “I have three dogs, Tia a cross lab/Alsatian aged 12, Hetty a labradoodle aged 10 and terror tot Milo a Labrador aged 21 weeks. 

“He is by far the most challenging. 

“Tonight he has worked out how to get ice from the ice making machine whilst we were eating. 

“For the next 20 mins he has kept going back for more and barking when nothing has come out. 

“I have put the lock on. 

“One very frustrated puppy.” 

Milo looking back at Jane's daughter Carla proudly, after managing to get ice from the fridge.
Milo looks back at the camera cheekily after successfully getting some ice.                                                   (C) Jane Hulme

The post now has over 100 likes and dozens of comments from humoured viewers.

Erica Jane Wilkins said: “This has made my day. Don’t you just love labs.”

Monika Lila wrote: “Youngest child syndrome.”

Christine Stubbs commented: “Clever lad.” 

And Victoria Marie added: “Aww love this.” 

Speaking today, Jane, who works with the police, said: “We can see the fridge from where we eat. 

“We were all just a little bit shocked. 

“He loves ice, we think because he’s teething, so we’ve been giving him ice from the dispenser regularly. 

“We think he was just watching and he figured out how to get it.

“It also dispenses water so we were worried he might flood the kitchen, so I had to lock it. 

“All I was thinking was ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe he’s done that!’”

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