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NewsSchoolboy, 6, dresses up as his Aldi lorry driver dad for Superhero...

Schoolboy, 6, dresses up as his Aldi lorry driver dad for Superhero Day at school

ADORABLE images show a six-year-old dressed up as his Aldi lorry driver dad for Superhero Day at school.

Oliver Spencer chose to dress up as his dad James Spencer yesterday when he was asked by Featherstone All Saints CofE Academy in West Yorkshire to impersonate a superhero.

Instead of choosing the usual iconic comic book characters like Superman or Spider-Man, Oliver, from Castleford, West Yorkshire, immediately wanted to be just like his dad.

The schoolboy wore a high-viz vest, navy fleece, Aldi black cap and personalised lanyard, just like James, 35, wears as a HGV driver for the supermarket chain.

Oliver posed for the camera, dressed as his Aldi HGV driver dad James.
Oliver Spencer, 6, dressed as his Aldi HGV driver dad.                                                                             (C) Jade Spencer

Oliver was photographed before heading into school proudly smiling away as he donned his superhero outfit.

Another image shows the youngster holding up his “ID badge” featuring a photo of Oliver, an Aldi logo and the words “Oliver Spencer, Aldi truck driver no.1”.

Proud mum Jade Spencer, 33, shared the images on Facebook yesterday.

The debt advisor wrote: “Superhero Day at school today for Oliver. Not all superheros (sic) wear capes. A trucker just like his daddy!”

The post now has over 700 likes and comments from social media users who were in awe of Oliver’s heartwarming choice of outfit.


Oliver poses with the lanyard on his Aldi HGV driver costume.
Oliver poses with his ID badge in his Aldi HGV driver costume.                                                                 (C) Jade Spencer

One user said: “Love this pic and everything it represents.”

Another commented: “Aw omg that’s too cute!”

A third replied: “A real superhero son!”

Whilst another user tagged Aldi and said: “He deserves a shout-out and recognition!”

Oliver’s school, Featherstone All Saints CofE Academy, hosts what they call “WOW days” once a year – a day where the children can dress up as something of a certain theme.

Speaking today, Jade said: “The theme at his school for this time was superheroes. We had a last minute scramble around his room when he came across the hi-viz jacket and cap.

“He said: ‘I’ll go as daddy!’ and I replied ‘Yes, because not all superheroes wear capes!’

“We then had a talk about lockdown and how important it is that his dad goes to work every day and keeps the supermarket, and the country, going.

Jade, Oliver, James and Jakob Spencer posing for a family photo.
Mum, Jade Spencer, Dad James Spencer, 35, Oliver Spencer 6 and Jakob Spencer, 10.                              (C) Jade Spencer

“His dad worked all the way through lockdown – five nights on and then three off – but we’re lucky that he gets to come home every day.

“My mum took him to school this morning and said he was absolutely beaming as he walked through the playground, head held high.

“He was that excited about it that when I checked on him last night he was in bed with his hat and hi-viz on.”

In recent weeks, a shortage of qualified HGV drivers has spelled a shortage of products on supermarket shelves.

CEO of Aldi UK, Giles Hurley, last week said that he “doesn’t expect any disruption for customers this Christmas.”

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