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What To Do Before And After You Get Into A Public Swimming Pool

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Public swimming pools may carry more debris, unclean substances and chlorine than private ones. Naturally, this is because of different people using the pool and releasing waste into it. That is why there are a few things to ensure before and after getting into a public swimming pool. If you follow them, you will be good to go.

Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash
Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash

1.  Sunscreen

When we go swimming, we are generally in water for around one hour or two hours. If any of us is a passionate swimmer, we may stay there for a longer period. But such long hours in the pool may cause your skin to burn and feel irritated due to the constant exposure to the sun. That is why sunscreen is essential for people before they dive into the swimming pool. This provides you with an added layer of protection against the sun. As a result, you can stay in the pool and enjoy the waters for a longer period without any stops.

2.  Pre Swim Lotion

Chlorine absorption is a natural phenomenon for our body when swimming. But doing this regularly might be harmful to our bodies. As such, it may cause itchiness, dryness and other skin problems. Using pre-swim lotion to deal with this can help us protect our skin and protect ourselves on time. It will also help prevent any rash from occurring in your body. Also, if you have any chlorine odour on you, using a lotion beforehand can save you from that.

3.  Leave-In Conditioners

Using a leave-in conditioner before swimming can be another trick you can use to protect your hair shafts. It acts as a great defence layer for your hair and combats the chlorine to damage it. Comprehensively, it can be compared with an extra external coating. So, if you are heading for a good swim, do not forget to use a leave-in conditioner for swimmers right on time. We promise; you will be able to see the results even before blinking an eye.

4.  Post-swim Meal

Often, we do not pay sufficient attention to our post-swim meal. But did you know that it could help massively with muscle soreness? That is why we recommend you eat an excellent post-swim meal properly. Also, do not forget to drink reasonable amounts of water to keep yourself going for the day. Water will also help you stay hydrated and recover any fluids you may lose because of sweat during this activity.

5.  Moisturizer

As much as everything else is essential, using a moisturizer after swimming is crucial. It helps you to reduce the flakiness and dryness that you might be feeling after swimming. So, try a good moisturizer that suits your skin type and works well on your skin. You can visit a dermatologist to consult for the same. It always works right.


We hope that these pointers mentioned above are helpful for you. Do not forget to try them out before and after your swimming sessions. They can be all you need.

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