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Where to Look for Inexpensive Real Estate by the Sea


 Buying a home near the sea in sunny countries has long ceased to be unusual. In this case, such a purchase is often cheaper than similar proposals in the hometown.

Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash
Photo by Alexander Mils on Unsplash

Most often, looking for information about real estate abroad by the sea, in the search line “scored” Bulgaria, Turkey, Spain, Italy, and Greece. Let’s look at each country separately.


Spain remains one of the main destinations for the purchase of resort real estate. Excellently developed infrastructure, excellent beaches, long swim season, good transport links are the main trump cards of the Spanish market.


At the same time here you can find quite budget proposals. The main direction of the economy class housing – Costa Blanca coast. In particular, in Alicante – the main city of the region. There, an apartment without a view of the sea with the beach within walking distance can be purchased for 80 thousand euros. But apartments on the first line are already twice as expensive – prices start from 150 thousand euros.

Buying a detached house with sea views on the Costa Blanca will cost 200 thousand euros, the first line price tag starts from 350 thousand euros.


Turkey is extremely popular among home buyers. Mainly the Turkish resort real estate market is represented by apartments in apartment complexes.


The most low-budget region of Turkish homes is Alanya, with its areas Mahmutlar, Karg?cak, Oba and others. Buying 1 +1 apartment (one bedroom) without a view of the sea in the secondary market can be for 50 thousand euros. Under construction is quite realistic to find options for 40 thousand euros. Prices for apartments with sea views close to the beach start at 80 thousand euros.


Greece attracts natural beauty, an unhurried way of life, and a mild Mediterranean climate. The local market offers a wide variety of housing from economy-class apartments to luxury villas and apartments in the resorts of Crete, Rhodes, Corfu, and other popular tourist destinations.


The most budget region in terms of the acquisition of resort real estate is the Halkidiki peninsula in northern Greece. Buying a house with a plot of land in good condition within walking distance of the sea will cost 190 thousand euros, apartments with sea views and within walking distance – from 80 thousand euros. Popular in Greece townhouses are somewhat more expensive – from 120 thousand euros. Getting an apartment directly on the seafront or within 100 meters from the sea is possible for 125 thousand euros.


In Montenegro, the most popular among Russians at home and apartments on the Bar and Budva Riviera. Here you can also find the most budget options. In particular, in Sutomore (Bar Riviera) apartment within walking distance of the sea, you can buy for 50-60 thousand euros. Closer to the Bar, prices rise appreciably and start from 90 thousand euros for sea views and walking distance. The cost of apartments by the sea, on the 1-2 lines, starts at 135 thousand euros.


Inexpensive homes should look for the resorts of the Bar Riviera – the price of good housing within walking distance of the sea starts at 150 thousand euros. Buying a house with a sea view on the 1-2 lines will cost at least 300 thousand euros.


The main trump card of Bulgarian real estate is still low prices for square meters. Buying a studio in the most famous Bulgarian resort of Sunny Beach is available for only 25 thousand euros, with sea views – for 30 thousand euros! The cost of two-bedroom apartments starts from 35-45 thousand euros.


As in Turkey, the number of offers of detached houses within walking distance of the sea on the Bulgarian market is not very large, and the price of such variants starts from 120-150 thousand euros. The house on the first line (which is already a rarity in Bulgaria), in the area of Balchik or Sozopol, you can buy for 250-300 thousand.

You may choose for yourself the most attractive type of house in which the apartment will be located. Houses of resort towns in Bulgaria can be divided into two main categories: houses built before 2000 and modern housing.

Modern housing in Bulgaria is divided into large residential complexes and low independent houses.

Some like to live in a large complex with everything you need on its territory, including stores, spas, and more. That is to have an apartment near the sea with a full range of services.

Others prefer to own an apartment in a small apartment building, equipped with the latest technology.

On the Internet, you can find ads with much more attractive prices, and not only in these countries but also in Italy, France, Cyprus, etc. But as a rule, too cheap options have several significant drawbacks (unfavorable area, poor transport links, inconvenient layout) – experts say