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5 ways for cheap bulky rubbish removal in London


What comes to mind when we mention a large amount of waste? We normally think how horrible it is when they are on our property. But the worst is when they are already there, in front of our eyes and we have to act.

The moment it comes to do the rubbish removal London we take a look at our budget and come to mind different prices for this service. But this is not the time to panic as we can spot different solutions and services companies to pay less and save money. One of the companies that offer you a solution and a service in these cases within a short time is Junk Bunk LTD.

Below you will read 5 ways to save on waste disposal.

Let’s start:

  • Reuse
  • Bulky rubbish removal service
  • Council bulky waste collection
  • Break down waste before collection
  • Use skip hire
  • Reuse

Do not think that old things should always go in the trash. Have you ever felt that someone needs them? Or can a family reuse it again?

If you want to be generous with the people around you and the environment you can donate your old items. This is even the greenest solution. There are many ways to donate items that you no longer need. You can donate them to a relative or neighbour. You can just ask him if he would need that article.

Another way is to give it to charity. Many charities will always come to pick up your old items if they are in good working order. Maybe something for you will look very old but this way you can enjoy someone else who needs it.

Another option is to resell. If a piece of furniture is in good condition but looks very old you can simply improve it by varnishing it. You can sell it online on eBay, Amazon or social media.

  • Bulky rubbish removal service

If none of the above options applies to you, you can make another choice. Rubbish removal service comes at a cost but you can ask for an affordable price for you. You can always find it if you search.

How to do it: London has an infinite number of private companies that deal with waste disposal. It will not cost you much time if you go to Google search and click ‘waste removal service near me’. You can contact some of them and compare the prices you will receive from each company. So you can choose a cheap service and an acceptable price from you.

  • Council waste disposal

Every council is obliged to offer you a service for the removal of waste which you can not put in a bin due to their size. Usually, the council offers services at low and very reasonable prices but you do not always get what you are looking for. They will not take any of your waste and many of you can leave it uncollected.

You can get very reasonable prices but the service will not be so satisfactory. For example, you may have to wait a week or more to arrange a collection, and many tips only collect from outside the property or charge a substantial premium to collect from inside. But you get what you pay for.

  • Break down waste before collection

If you have heavy waste, normally, there will be a need for a heavy waste removal service. You will normally be required to hire a company to perform this task. Usually, private waste disposal companies deal with all the work from collection to recycling.

But if you have the time and energy you can reduce their workload and normally pay less. You can disassemble the items and take them out of the building. This will take some time but you can save some good money.

  • Use skip hire

If you are dealing with debris and dirt, unlike furniture, it is more reasonable to use a skip hire. It normally works at the most cost-effective. You just have to be careful with the waste you throw in it as in a skip hire you can not throw any kind of waste.

You should also keep in mind that skip hire cannot be placed anywhere. If they will be in the yard, there will be no problem and does not annoy neighbours. But if it is to be placed in a public area then you will need to get permission from your local council.