“What’s it made out of, Weetabix?” – Bizarre bungalow with kitchen almost entirely composed of plywood listed for £235,000


A BIZARRE bungalow with a kitchen that is seemingly almost entirely composed of plywood, has been listed for £235,000.

The unique house in Brixham, Devon, was advertised on the property website Zoopla last month.

The two-bedroomed bungalow appears mostly normal throughout, with a spacious master bedroom and a cosy lounge at the front of the house.

However, alongside the eye-watering price the abnormal kitchen has left homebuyers baffled.

The kitchen in the bungalow, whose cabinets look like they are composed of plywood.
The strange kitchen has drawn much attention from users online.                                                           (C) Boyce Brixham

Prominently used in structural applications, plywood is rarely left uncovered and makes quite the contrast to the rest of the home.

The room contains standard appliances such as an oven, a washing machine and a built-in fridge.

However, every single unit has been covered and finished with what appears to be plywood.

The strange yellowish wooden material covers the under-sink cupboards, the overhead units and even the fridge.

Additionally, there is a bird cage hanging over the sink, in a position that most would consider an obstruction to accomplishing any dish-washing.

On top of this, the kitchen floor and walls look to be composed of at least four different materials, with the floor having two types of tiles – one marble effect and one dark grey.

Whilst the strange material that the cabinets are composed of is the main talking point, one cupboard is also unaligned.

It hangs in a wonky fashion under the sink, with a very visible gap between the other cabinets and the underside of the counter.

The living room of the bungalow - which appears normal compared to the plywood kitchen.
The rest of the rooms in the bungalow seem normal.                                                                             (C) Boyce Brixham

Boyce Brixham, listed the property, writing: “The Bungalow is truly its own little oasis nestled in a wrap-around garden and enjoys a great level of privacy.

“The accommodation briefly comprises of a kitchen, shower wet room, 2 bedrooms (a double and a single) and a good size lounge.

“There is good further scope with the property and the charming walled gardens offer great features to make a truly special garden for a wide variety of species and even fruits and vegetables etc.”

The unique property has been shared on social media and has attracted hundreds of likes and comments from users who were bewildered by the eye-catching kitchen

One user said: “My god that’s hideous. Someone has watched one too many trendy interior design shows.”

Another added: “Oriented strand board (OSB) or sterling board panels, these are usually used to create walls and are then covered over with plasterboard. F*****g gross and not very hygienic for a kitchen.”

A third user joked: “What’s it made out of, Weetabix?”

Whilst another commented: “To be honest, the four different kinds of flooring in the kitchen is probably worse and deadly when taking a boiling pan to the sink to empty it!”

Oriented strand board is a versatile and durable building board.

Whilst similar to plywood in both appearance and construction, OSB is heavier, more environmentally-friendly and generally cheaper overall than plywood.