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NewsShocking video shows thugs having fight with planks outside Jewson store

Shocking video shows thugs having fight with planks outside Jewson store

A SHOCKING video shows vile thugs attempting to lash each other with wooden planks and a metal pole outside of a hardware store.
A scrap broke out between several men outside Jewson’s Manchester Central store on Beckford Street in Newton Heath, Manchester, on Tuesday.

The incident lasted several minutes in which roughly eight men brutally attacked each other, with one man needing to be taken to hospital. 


The video shows a group of men in workie clothing advancing towards four other men wearing high visibility jackets. 
The men in work clothes are seen smashing the windscreen of a white transit van with long square wooden planks. 
The two sides attempt to batter each other with the huge poles, of which one seems to be 10 feet long.

One man has a stream of blood pouring down his face as the workies advance, with another man shouting “let’s f**king have it”. 
Other cars, believed to be owned by people who had nothing to do with the chaos, get hit by the aggressive thugs as they continue to attack. 

Man carrying plank during jewson fight
One man was carrying a wooden plank and swinging it about.

As one van tries to make a getaway, one deranged yob lands a hefty blow to the side of the vehicle with a wooden pole, completely shattering the wing mirror.

The video has been shared thousands of times on social media, with one user writing: “Kicking off at Jewson.” 
The video has over 3,500 likes, with over 11,000 people commenting on the shocking scenes. 
One user wrote: “Not nice at all.” 
Another commented: “This is what happens when the timber price goes up.”
Another user joked: “Should have gone to B&Q the wood is cheaper.”
Another added: “The human race at its best.” 

Man smashing windscreen in Jewson fight
A van had its windscreen and wing mirror shattered.

Speaking today (FRI) a spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: “I can confirm we were called at 10:20am on Tuesday 12 October to a report of a fight on Beckford Street, Manchester.
“Officers attended and a man was taken to hospital by a friend with minor head injuries. 
“No arrests were made.”
A spokesperson for Jewson Manchester Central said: “Nobody here knows anything about it.”

Speaking today (FRI) a spokesman for Jewson said: “We are aware of the incident that took place outside of one of our branches, we can confirm that no Jewson colleague was involved in the incident.”

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