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Meet Jared Ravizza, Professional Skier, and Activist For Our Oceans, Mountains, Health & Wellness.


A graceful story of adventure, exploration, beauty, and helping souls around the world. This is the story of Jared Ravizza.  He’s a professional big mountain skier, as well as an activist fighting for the health & protection of our oceans, mountains, and health in some of the most remote corners of the world.

Jared Ravizza’s presence alone demands people’s attention.  Whether you spot his blonde flowing hair, radiant smile, held together by his incredibly inshape 6′ frame.  You may have run into the professional big mountain skier, in the lift line at Aspen, or creating his own form of artwork, hidden in the powder covered slopes of Verbier.

Jared was born into a fun-loving ski family in Massachusetts, growing up skiing with his parents and two sisters around the northeast.  He grew up competing on an elite USSA tristate ski team in the Berkshires.  Until realizing the race lane, couldn’t quite quench his big mountain passions.  Ravizza’s father, Jason Ravizza, an accomplished college tennis player, downhill skier, and founder of a global sport performance consultancy, trained Jared on the mental & athletic performance aspects of the sport. His mother, a beautifully gifted downhill skier, trained him since age 2 on the technical aspects of skiing.  “Skiing became a way of life for our family.  It taught us passion from a young age.  We were always taught to go big,” says Jared Ravizza.  “Shredding down cliffs in Vermont growing up, taught me a lot about life.”  Today, Jared is a professional big mountain skier with a mission to protect our oceans & mountains by keeping them clean.  This is coupled by Jared Ravizza’s calling to help educate people on the importance of proper nutrition and wellness.

“There is something within me, a calling from God, that has given me a desire in my heart to help others in this world.  It’s a responsibility I have, to make a difference in the lives of others,” says Ravizza.  “Using my voice to make an impact, drives me everyday,” he adds.

Around the world, Jared Ravizza’s focus is using his platform to organize skiing adventures, and other experiences for people with autism and other disabilities.  “There is a huge need for this.  A need to create a more inclusive world.  This vision was born in Alaska when I was 12,” says Ravizza.  Jared was sent to Alaska at age 12, to live and do missions work, where he worked with wonderful children with disabilities, in a community that was devastated by a storm.  “A lot of my vision for this project started in Alaska.  My inspiration was born working with the beautiful people in that community.  Connected with nature in the Denali mountains, and working with incredibly gifted humans,” says Jared Ravizza.  “A lot of the work that I now do in the world was born those nights in Alaska.  This vision was born on the floor that myself and our mission team slept on.  I would lay awake on that floor before falling asleep, inspired and dreaming.”

“Skiing was my first love,” says Ravizza. “My focus now is to help children with autism and other disabilities also experience this love, through skiing and surfing.  My passion is to create a more inclusive world.  A world where all human life can experience this same love and unicity with creation, that I have been blessed to experience.”  Jared adds that he is blessed to do the work he does throughout the world.  “My close friend Joe, my father, and I dream of one day starting a ski school in Switzerland, or perhaps a surf school in Madagascar,” says Jared Ravizza. “I hope that by continuing to share my story as a professional skier, I will inspire others to make a difference in our beautiful world.”