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NewsSpooky nightclub CCTV shows moment chair appears to move on its own

Spooky nightclub CCTV shows moment chair appears to move on its own

SPOOKY CCTV footage from inside a nightclub has captured the moment a chair appeared to move on its own.

The creepy clip shows the manager of Popworld in York, North Yorkshire, walking around near the bar moments before the incident happened two weeks ago.

The manager, known only as Richard, is shown standing in front of the bar after taking in a late night delivery on his own.

He then picks something up from beside the table before walking away, leaving the room empty.

Seconds later, a chair is shown sliding backwards before stopping abruptly.

It then stops in its tracks before the clip ends.

Popworld shared the video onto Facebook shortly afterwards, writing: “Well that’s the last time our manager does a delivery on his own.

Nobody was around as the chair started to slide backwards
The chair begins to slide back by itself towards the bar.                                                                            Credit: Popworld

“Even the ghosts of Popworld know Halloween is just around the corner.”

The clip has been viewed over 124,000 times and gained over 300 comments from shocked social media users.

Michelle Shellbell Parr said: “Wow no wonder my drinks keep disappearing.”

Andy Russell wrote: “York is a massive grave site.

Popworld is located around the UK, this one in York had a spooky visitor
The nightclub Popworld was visited by a ghost in York.                                                                                Credit: Google

“Most places are built on top on old graveyards so it isn’t surprising if this is legit.”

Sarah Frost commented: “We can still visit in the afterlife.”

Ryan Winn added: “Caspar is just trying to clean up, why was that chair there in the first place.” 

However not all patrons of the club were convinced that there was anything supernatural going on.

Ryan Williams said: “Someone stood behind the bar with some string tied to their leg.”

The nightclub replied: “Always happy to give different camera angles if you like?”

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