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Adorable images show otter climbing up ladders in Shetland

ADORABLE images captured the moment an otter climbed up a ladder to get to dry land after taking a dip in the sea in the Shetland Islands.

Amateur photographer Gary Buchan snapped the incredible photographs during a trip to Lerwick town centre on Thursday. 

The 52-year-old local had been taking pictures of otters in the water but was shocked when he spotted one taking the unconventional route out of the water.

The otter climbing the ladder at the dock
The otter begins the ascent out of the water using the iron rungs of the ladder.                                     Credit: Gary Buchan

One adorable image shows the brown otter holding emerging from the water and clutching onto the metal iron as it looks around.

Another shot then shows it looking upwards towards its destination as it anticipates its upcoming amble.

The last photograph then shows the drenched otter reaching the top of the wall as its four legs navigate around the top of the ladder.

Gary posted the images onto Facebook later on that day where they became an instant hit with social media users, attracting over 6,600 likes.

The otter continuing to climb the ladder
The otter halfway through the climb towards land.                                                                              Credit: Gary Buchan

Hundreds of impressed followers also commented on the post after being amazed by the shots.

Patrick Webb said: “Can hear him thinking…’Ugh. There otter be a better way out of the water’.”

Ellison Hughes wrote: “Amazing creatures, wonderful to watch.” 

Stephen Williams commented: “Just amazing. What a moment to capture.”

The otter reaches land after climbing the ladder
The otter makes it onto the land after climbing the entire ladder.                                                         Credit: Gary Buchan

And Eileen Simmonds added: “I’ve seen an otter do this at Knoydart, clever otters.”

Speaking today, Gary said: “I was heading into town and brought my camera with me. 

“As I got out of the car, I saw the otter heading towards the dock and if I ever see an otter I grab my camera. 

“I noticed it under the ladder and as it started to climb I thought ‘you beauty’. It was something quite incredible.”

Gary said that never before in his thirty-one years of living in Shetland had he photographed anything like this before. 

He added: “Every time you see animals doing something special, the hair on the back of my neck stands up. 

“Lots of people were watching the otters but they just went about their business and looked around at the people as if to say what are you all looking at.” 

Shetland hosts a swarm of wildlife including otters, orca whales and various birds.

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