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Main advantages of electric scooters


In many countries, electric mopeds are becoming more popular than cars and other vehicles. When the weather is nice and warm outside, it is much easier and faster to ride a brand new moped than to spend time waiting for public transport.

Photo by Visual Stories || Micheile on Unsplash

Electric moped is a popular means of transportation in almost every city. It combines many benefits. After studying their main advantages, many motorists change to compact mopeds to enjoy freedom and speed in the fresh air.

Reduced noise

In urban conditions, it is difficult to imagine that driving a vehicle can be quiet. Everyone is used to the roar of engines, which are heard from all sides of the street. These sounds are produced by:

  • cars;
  • motorcycles;
  • trains, and so on.

To ride in silence, it is enough to purchase one of the electric mopeds at It’s easy to get to any part of the city on such a moped if the distance between the starting and ending point doesn’t exceed 200 km. As a rule, such scooters can travel 100-150 km without recharging in complete silence. If you are used to driving around the city at night, your return home will go unnoticed, as you won’t wake up your neighbours when you park at the entrance.


The electric moped doesn’t need to be refueled with any type of fuel, as it runs on a lithium-ion battery placed in one of the parts of the vehicle. While driving, the moped doesn’t emit harmful substances into the air, unlike any other means of transportation.

Electric mopeds are the best and most environmentally friendly means of transport. It consumes the minimum amount of electricity, and the battery charge is enough to drive up to 5 hours without stopping.

Carrying capacity

Like regular mopeds and scooters, electric mopeds are great for sharing trips. You just have to choose a model that will withstand several people and will not deform. On average, electric mopeds are designed to carry passengers weighing up to 300 kg (including the driver).

Therefore, choose an electric scooter and ride with your soul mate or best friend. You will enjoy driving in complete silence around the city at any time of the day; bright lights at night will brighten your journey and make it safer.


Many people prefer to drive vehicles built in a modern style. Elegant plastic details, decorated in bright colours, digital panels and a neatly hidden battery inside the moped create an unusual design not found in other vehicles.

But there are also fans of vintage design. A striking representative of such a moped is a model by Vespa. The classic design permeates every detail of the electric moped, the owners of such vehicles will be immersed in a bygone era. Now you can quickly get to any part of the city by simply charging a new moped. You will catch the eyes of those around you who are not yet accustomed to quiet and stylish scooters.

Ease of operation

While starting a regular motorcycle can be difficult, there are no problems with electric mopeds. You don’t have to take your keys with you, it’s enough to just install a special app on your smartphone. After starting the app, you will be able to quickly deactivate or start your moped, turn on the headlights and control the launch of the cruise control.

The convenience of riding a motorcycle is beyond words, in addition, basic information from a smartphone will be displayed on your dashboard. This will allow you to answer calls, read messages and more without picking up the phone. These advantages make the purchase of an electric moped a priority for many motorists.