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5 Productivity Hacks to Supercharge Your Business Processes


The more efficient your business processes are, the more productive your operations.
After all, having a seamless business operations helps ensure you reach your targets, gain
customers, and drive significant profits (among others).

However, running a business with optimum productivity isn’t always as easy as pie.

You’ll need to adopt the best-fitting tools, employ the right strategies, and even use a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure your business runs smoothly and get you the results you want.

The good news is, we got you covered with these five productivity hacks you can leverage to supercharge your business processes.

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1. Centralize your critical tasks
Going through daily tasks without properly organizing and managing them can be a huge
nightmare. This could eat up a chunk of your productive hours, and you’d be hard-pressed to get anything done on time.

As such, you and your team will end up spreading yourself too thin. Plus, you could spend a
chunk of your time, energy, and resources putting out little fires instead of focusing on critical and core tasks.

The solution? Centralize your task management process using top-tier team project
management tools. One such software is ClickUp which offers all the essential features necessary to help your team plan, track, and collaborate on your projects and tasks.

The platform helps you track your project cycles from start to finish via insightful views such as a list, Gantt chart, board, calendar, or box. You can also create workflows using ClickUp’s customizable views, helping you manage your projects and tasks the way you want with more efficiency.

ClickUp’s other essential project management features include letting you create mind maps and checklists, add priority tags, link tasks to see dependencies, assign custom or premade task statuses, and set milestones to signify completing important stages in each project. Centralizing your tasks using reliable software helps you streamline managing, tracking, and accomplishing your projects, increasing your company’s overall productivity and efficiency.

2. Automate repetitive jobs

Tedious, routine tasks can take up a lot of your team’s time and energy. This can keep your
business from operating with optimum productivity and efficiency. For instance, your customer service reps could spend a bulk of their time answering common customer inquiries and requests, leaving them little time to handle anything else to increase their productivity.

This is where customer service automation software comes in handy.

Customer service platforms with robust automation tools allow your team to streamline
repetitive, time-consuming customer service tasks.

HelpScout’s Workflows feature lets you create automated workflows based on your set
conditions. This allows your client support team to automate simple to complex customer service tasks, from routing and filtering tickets to processing requests.

You can create your Workflow starting with a goal then adding one or multiple conditions. Automating your repetitive yet critical customer service tasks helps your team efficiently
organize, prioritize, and escalate requests. This improves their productivity and service quality while serving your customers promptly.

3. Get cloud-based apps

One of the best ways to eliminate bottlenecks in your workflows is to get rid of manual, paper-based tools and use cloud-based apps instead.

For instance, running an equipment rental business would require conducting daily inspections of your assets before and after renting them to clients. If your staff performs inspections manually, they would have to fill out every paper form for every piece of equipment they inspect — which can take up a lot of time and energy. Cloud-based platforms address these by allowing your staff to access your tools anytime,
anywhere while streamlining your workflows.

4. Make your meetings more efficient

Holding meetings is critical to planning, collaborating, and tackling projects and tasks (among others).

However, meetings can drag on and eat into your productive hours when you don’t use them effectively. Make your meetings more actionable and efficient and contribute to your overall productivity with these tips.

  • Ensure every meeting has a clear objective. Improve meeting efficiency by setting the
    agenda so no one gets sidetracked, and you accomplish the meeting’s goal. This helps
    keep everyone on the same page. Share meeting materials in advance. Avoid scrambling for essential documents and
    supplemental files during meetings by sharing them in advance or including them in the

It also helps to trim your materials to make them more compact and prevent your
meetings from needlessly dragging on. For instance, if it’s necessary to present a step-by-step process through video, you can
speed up your videos without compromising the content to make your meeting
presentations more efficient.

Gather feedback. Check-in regularly with your team members to assess whether your
meetings are effective or provide value. Use the data to make adjustments accordingly
and make your meetings more effective and efficient.

5. Refine your workload management

Prioritize, defer, delegate, and even remove tasks to ensure your team members don’t get
overloaded with too much work that keeps them from performing with optimum productivity. Establish a system to improve your team’s work efficiency and make sure your productivity and results don’t suffer. Consider these tips to improve workload management across your company.

  • Ensure the critical aspects of your projects and processes support your overarching
    company goal and remove or at least re-evaluate those that don’t.
  • Defer tasks when necessary and prioritize tasks or projects that have a greater impact
    on your team or business goal when you can.
  • Delegate equally important tasks to several capable people to spread out and balance
    the workload.
    Properly managing your workload helps reduce overworking your staff and even burn them out, leading to low productivity.

Delegate, defer, prioritize, and remove (when necessary) tasks to streamline your workflows and optimize your business processes.

Boost your productivity for better results

Improving your overall productivity takes a bit of elbow grease and using the suitable approaches and tools, but once you nail it, you’re bound to run your business more efficiently.

Leverage the tips in this guide to optimize your workflows and processes, improve your team’s performance, and get or even exceed your expected results, including business success and