Friday, May 27, 2022
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Amazing video shows Scots daredevil highlining over raging 66ft waterfall

AN AMAZING video shows a Scots daredevil highlining over a raging waterfall 66ft in the air. 

Student Owen Hope filmed himself traversing across Black Linn Falls in Hermitage outside Dunkeld, Perth and Kinross on Friday.

Go-Pro footage shows the 22-year-old, from Inverness, casually navigating across the tightrope and stretching his arms out for balance.

The flow of the stream can be seen thundering down the waterfall below his feet. 

When he reaches the middle of the rope, Owen stops before shifting his body 180 degrees before walking backwards.

Another clip, filmed by passerby Marie Connelly, also captured Owen confidently walking across the route while attached to the line by a safety harness.

Marie posted her video of Owen on Facebook on Friday, writing: “Hermitage in Dunkeld earlier today.”

The post has been liked over 500 times and received dozens of comments from impressed viewers.

One user said: “I can barely walk across a flat surface without a struggle. That’s some skill. And just a wee bit terrifying.”

Owen walks the line
Owen turning as he highlines over the 66ft waterfall

Another commented: “What a terrifying thing to do. He’s a brave man. 

One viewer said: “Wow awesome. I can’t even walk on the pavement without falling. This is cool.”

While another added: “I would absolutely love to do this. Albeit, I lack the skill.”

Speaking today, Owen said: “It was quite a lot shorter than other lines that I’ve done, so it wasn’t as challenging, but it was a nice atmosphere. 

“Logistically it was quite easy to rig, it wasn’t a big operation, it was just a nice wee weekend thing to do. 

“It wasn’t very scary to be honest. The thundering of the waterfall was actually really nice because it was so noisy that you couldn’t really hear or be aware of anything else, you just kind of zone out.

Owen walks the line
Owen highlines over the 66ft waterfall

“Sometimes your mind can wander and that can be nice because you’re quite far removed from everything else and it gives you space to think.

“It’s kind of hard to put it in words to be honest.”
Owen added: “A lot of people had their first steps on a highline which was pretty cool, a lot of them I’d never met before. 
“It was really nice to get such exposure, it was cool to get so many new eyes on it whether that was people walking by or those online. 
“It was kind of within my comfort zone at this point. Highlining is a weird one because you get adrenaline but then at the same time it’s not stressful.

“It’s not as if you’re scared, you never should be scared because if you’re scared then it means somethings going wrong.”

Owen Hope Slacklining
Owen showing off his slacklining skills earlier in the year.

Highlining is defined by people attempting to walk down spans of nylon webbing strung between two points.
It draws similarities with slacklining, but the major difference is that highlining is performed dozens of feet up in the air. 

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