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Nosy barker – Scots pet owner gets custom-made door made for beloved pooch to peer outside

A SCOTS pet owner has had a custom built front door made so her beloved pooch can peer outside.

Holly Cassidy hunted around for a new front door that would allow her pets a window to look out of but after having no luck decided to have one commissioned.

The 28-year-old, from Uddingston, South Lanarkshire, helped design a glass frosted door that included a clear square window at the bottom corner.

Louie on the beach
Louie the Cocker Spaniel at the beach.

Sales manager Holly had the door custom made for her cocker spaniel Louie who sadly passed earlier this year. 

However, their new seven-month-old cocker spaniel pup Brodie has also been using it and become a hit with neighbours who have spotted the him people watching.

Brodie at the window
Brodie helped by his owner to look through the window in the custom built door.

Holly posted about her custom-made dog window in a Facebook group for dog owners yesterday where it has since become a hit.

She also shared images of her dogs looking out from the mini window, writing: “We got our door made specifically to suit our nosy cocker, Louie so that he could watch the world go by.

“Sadly our boy passed away and the neighbours commented on how much they missed seeing his wee face at the window. 

“Now we have our wee Brodie getting used to the window like his big brother.”

Brodie the Cocker Spaniel
Brodie the dog poses for a photo.

The post has now collected over 500 likes and dozens of comments from users who loved the crafty idea. 

One user said: “This is just the sweetest thing I’ve seen.”

Whilst another wrote: “That’s wee nose smears you will never tire of.”

One member said: “A brilliant idea and beautiful dogs.”

Another commented: “How lovely, my old boy was the same and the neighbours used to wave at him!”

Another user added: “I am so sorry for your loss, wee Brodie is so cute. I am sure all the neighbours are in love with him already.” 

Speaking today (THU) Holly said: “Our old orange roan cocker spaniel used to sit at our old door which was a full panel of glass so he could see out. 

“We needed a new door so we went somewhere to buy one but couldn’t see any suitable for him to still see out of. 

“We asked them if they could design it so that it had a small window at the bottom for Louie to see out of perfectly sized for his wee head.

Louie at the window
Louie up at his custom built door.

“The shop thought it was amazing as they had never been asked to adapt a door for a dog before. They even came to take pictures of it once it was fitted to see Louie sitting at it.

“The postwoman used to stop every day to clap him because they always seen him and people would comment when they walked by. 

“Sadly Louie passed away aged 13 in April and some neighbours had commented on how much they missed seeing his face at the window. 

“We eventually decided we couldn’t be without a dog anymore so travelled down and back from Wales to get Brodie, a blue roan cocker spaniel, and he’s quickly taken to the same spot Louie sat in and enjoys staring out the window as well.” 

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