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Amazing image shows kingfisher perched on top of no fishing sign – holding a fish in its mouth

AN AMAZING image shows a stunning kingfisher perched on top of a no fishing sign – holding a fish in its mouth. 

Retiree Paul Elliot shared the outstanding image online on Saturday which shows the stunning bird sitting upon the sign in the Lincolnshire Fens. 

The incredible picture shows the vibrant kingfisher with striking orange and blue feathers as it stopped to eat its lunch.

Kingfisher no fishing
Kingfisher perched on no fishing sign with a silver fish in its mouth.

The words “no fishing” can be seen on the wooden post underneath where the bird decided to land.

Paul, 67, managed to capture the miraculously timed image just after the kingfisher landed with a small silver fish between its beak.

Paul shared the image on Facebook on Saturday, writing: “I waited a long time to get this photograph.”

The post has now collected over 5,000 likes and hundreds of comments from impressed social media users.

Angela Cheetham Wilkinson said: “That’s almost too good to be true, well done for your perseverance and skill.”

Markus Krebsz wrote: “Amazing shot, given how long it takes me to even see one showing up, I am feeling for you, but the result in the end rewards, for sure.”

Ian Mcarthur joked: “You have to understand that this bird does not understand English.”

Kingfishers sit on a sign
Two kingfishers perched on the no fishing sign.

Phillip Thompson wrote: “Persistence paid off in the end, well done, it’s a great photo.” 

Judith Best added: “What an amazing photo, well worth the wait.” 

Speaking today Paul said: “My main hobby is photography and I spend many hours virtually every day chasing wildlife, my particular loves are owls, kingfishers and hares and I have thousands of images.

“When I saw it land my hands were shaking trying to get the shot before it took off again.

“They like to use the sturdiness of the post to bash the fish to kill it prior to swallowing it, always head first so the fins go down without catching their throat.”

Paul added: “Last year I got the image of them perched on the sign, sadly without a fish. 

“It was then late this year before I got another chance and they have perched many times on it since with and without fish and just once two landed together!”

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