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The Most Scenic Hiking Trails Of Europe


Whether you are an exercise enthusiast or a nature lover, there’s no denying that hiking trails have magic that is simply unique to them. Being able to break away from the bustle of the city and enjoying a lovely walk in nature is a wonderful experience, especially if the view is up to par.

Photo by S Migaj from Pexels
Photo by S Migaj from Pexels

That’s why we’ll take a look at some of the most important and impressive hiking areas in Europe. That way the next time you go out for a walk you’ll be able to enjoy a memorable sight alongside it. So without further ado let’s take a look at some of the best walks in Europe.

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The best hiking trails near London

Despite the bustling nature of London, it is one of the best places to start if you are looking for a good walk. Just 33 miles from London you can find Marlow, a lovely village running alongside the Thames where the water is clear, the wooded hills offer plenty of shade and the meadows provide you with all the room you could need to walk. Marlow is an opportunity to go back in time and rediscover a side of England many thought lost.

However, if you would rather go for full immersion with nature there’s no way to beat the Thames Path. If you start from Goring and end at Pangbourne you’ll be able to enjoy 5 miles of meadows and woods, and you’ll get to cross the Hartslock Nature Reserve as well, with a selection of flowers that can only be found there. Every single step on the Thames Path is worthy of being a painting, and the flowing water coupled with the large trees will make it an experience unlike any other.

The best hiking treks in the UK

While London is already a great starting point there’s far more to tackle in the Uk if you are willing to go beyond, and it would be a disservice not to mention the South West Coast Path if you are planning to go walking in England. The Coast Path is one of the most breathtaking sights the Uk has to offer, This path allows you to enjoy the natural sights of the Devon and Cornwall coastlines, which includes but isn’t limited to rugged cliffs, shores and even surfing spots. Do take into account that the South West Coast Path is the longest hiking trail in the entirety of the UK and a complete hike can take up to 52 days. So plan your route ahead of time so you can visit the segment most interesting to you.

The Ridgeway is in many ways the polar opposite of the South West Coast Path, but that doesn’t make it any less impressive or breathtaking. This trail expands 87 miles long and offers panoramic views of both the Chiltern Hills and North Wessex Downs. The fields of green on The Ridgeway seem to expand forever, and the wide-open space offers an experience that will take your breath away.

The most scenic hiking trails across Europe

For those of you willing to look even further you should consider taking a detour and hiking France’s iconic Tour du Mont Blanc. The Mont Blanc is Europe’s highest peak, so the sight can’t be matched anywhere else in the region. But even beyond the natural beauty of the mountains, the Mont Blanc offers many interesting views across its trail. There are vast flower fields on the official route, as well as ample lodgings for anybody interested in extending their stay. The Tour du Mont Blanc is long, but there are various routes, and there are routes both for experienced and casual hikers.

If what you are looking for are vast fields blanketed in pure snow then look no further than the Fjords of Norway. The Fjords of Norway provide a unique opportunity to see stunning blue glaciers and look at the fjords from the top of the mountains. However, there’s a lot to do even if you don’t want to take the high route. The Fjords also have various natural parks full of lush vegetation that offer an opportunity to enjoy the unique sights of Norway without going to the top of its mountains.