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Why you should travel when studying medicine


For many young people in this world, career ambitions are built around helping people who are in need. A career with an empathetic touch is always a good way for someone to improve their self-confidence and to provide something back to society. This is why many youngsters choose to move into a career in medicine especially. Whether you are already qualified as a medical student or you are in the process of taking a GAMSAT preparation course (such as, things can seem hectic. However, travel offers an excellent way to expand your horizons.

Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels
Photo by Christina Morillo from Pexels

Why, though? What benefits does traveling during your medical studies provide?

Lift the stress

Make no mistake, but studying medicine is one of the hardest undertakings around. The challenges are huge, and there is much to consider. The sheer volume of learning can be daunting to even the most ambitious of students. 

Traveling, though, gives you some time to simply refresh your mind and relax a little. Medical students find that they can escape from their studies, even on a short weekend trip in the local region. It offers a chance to rewind, recharge, and get prepared for the study sessions to come.

Avoid burnout

Medical studies are massively challenging from an intellectual perspective. Therefore, it is common for people to feel burnout during their studies. By traveling – even taking a small trip across Australia – can be a great way to help avoid burnout.

You advance your knowledge of new areas, open your eyes to different cultures, and take your mind off the stress of your studies. This is great for ensuring you can return to your studies the next week feeling refreshed and ready to meet the challenge head-on. Traveling, then, avoids studying burnout issues.

You can travel on a student budget

You might think that traveling with your student allowance is going to be tough, but it is not as hard as it sounds. Rewards programs, cheap flights to and from exciting places, and even travel-themed credit cards can all make it easy to travel on the budget that you have at present.

For that reason, you should never see travel as something that is out of your financial reach. Thanks to new social tools like Airbnb, too, it is easy to find an affordable place to stay for a short duration so you can travel without worrying about the massive costs.

Make the most of your time off

Medical studies are not only highly demanding from a time perspective, but a commitment perspective. All of your free time has to be spent understanding the subject matter and getting to grips with the medical industry at large. Therefore, the rare time you get off between semesters should be used to recharge.

Take in the time to do something you always wanted, like traveling for a sporting event or even heading to a different continent to see how things are done there medically. Try to find a way that allows you to tick off something from your bucket list whilst still providing something worthwhile to your education.

Making the most of your time off as a medical student can be tough – with a bit of travel included, though, you can see more of your country or the world, and still make plenty of time for those all-important studies!