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Complaining About Poor Product Quality: Everything You Need To Know


If you’ve purchased a product, and you’re not happy with the quality of it, then you will need to complain about it to the right people, to resolve the issue. Otherwise, you risk too much time passing, which leads you to own a faulty product that you have no use for. Here is everything you need to know about complaining about poor product quality.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels
Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Complain Directly To The Retailer

It’s important that when you complain about your product, that you do this straight to the retailer rather than complain online. This will simply waste time, and you’ll be talking with people who won’t be able to help you in any way. Instead, going directly to the retailer will help you to resolve the issue.

If you bought the item in person, then you should return in person and deal with the issue with those who dealt with you when selling the good. If you purchased the product online, then your best action will be to email the business through and customer service forms they have or just the business in general. You will have to explain to the retailer in both cases what the issue is, and any other supporting information.

Reject The Item As Soon As Possible

If you feel that the product that you’ve received is below the standards which you expected, then you should reject the item as soon as possible. The law will allow you to reject a product if you feel that it doesn’t quite meet the standards that you were told.

The quicker you reject an item, then the quicker a replacement can be sorted, or your problem resolved. If you have a faulty product for a long amount of time, then the business will argue that you’ve enjoyed the product for a reasonable amount of time, which nulls your refund request.

When you receive a product shortly after purchasing it, you should be inspecting it straight away to find any defects. This could be with scratches on decoration pieces, or it could be some technology failing to work as intended. Whatever it is, you will need to ensure you work with time constraints in mind, as your warranty period may only last a certain amount of time.

Allow The Business To Make It Right

It will be beneficial for you to first give the business that you’ve bought from to the first try and make the problem go away. What that means is that you can allow them to redo the service, or repair your product to the quality and standard that you were expecting. In most cases, this will be the best solution for all parties involved, where you can resolve an issue directly and get what you want from the business.

It’s only if the business doesn’t want to make the problem right, that you may have to escalate this further. That’s because you have legal rights as a consumer, which the next section will explore.

Understand Your Legal Rights As A Consumer

You may not be aware of the actual rights you have as a consumer in the modern world. The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 specifies that services that you use must be provided with reasonable care and skill. So, if you feel like the provider of the service you’ve used has not provided you with reasonable care or skill, then you will have the right to complain.

It’s a similar story for when you purchase a product. When you place an order for something, either online or in-person, the goods that arrive must be to a standard in which you were expecting and told. It can be difficult to first establish what makes a product poor quality, especially when trying to prove it legally.

The law allows your supplier to have standards when it comes to a product, so if they don’t match that, they are in breach of consumer law. Because the supplier or retailer hasn’t met their agreement and transaction arrangements, you will be able to challenge them legally. This could mean going to court if they aren’t willing to resolve the issue at hand.

However, you must work with legal experts to help get your claim sorted. Ashwood Solicitors can offer you consumer legal advice through a free consultation. Then you will have a better understanding of what your options are, and how strong your case is. From there, you can start to resolve a problem and seek justice.

Seek A Refund In Your Complaint

It may be the case that with your complaint that your lodging, you want your money back. Time will be a big factor in this regard, where the quicker you ask for a refund from your point of purchase, the more likely it is to happen. In most consumer cases, you will have the right to reject a product and seek a full refund within the first 30 days of your purchase.

This will be because you feel that the product is unsatisfactory in terms of quality, generally unfit for purpose or simply not as described. After 30 days, it becomes more difficult for you to legally get a refund. They may offer you a partial refund or vouchers as compensation, to save their reputation and attempt to keep your business.

Seek A Replacement In Your Complaint

Your other choice will be to get a direct replacement for the product that you’ve purchased. If the 30 days of your refund entitlement has passed, then businesses will look to either repair your damaged product or replace it. This is known as a warranty period, where you can buy an extended warranty to extend the time that you can have your product repaired or replaced.

Not all businesses or products will be able to have an extended warranty, but most businesses, in general, will offer warranty service. Your retailer will most likely recommend the best choice for your product if it’s able to be repaired or not. The idea is that they can provide a product to you that works just as if it was new.

If for whatever reason, the seller is not able to repair your product or offer any sort of replacement, then you will once again be able to seek a refund, assuming the product has an issue that wasn’t the fault of yourself.

Write A Complaint Letter

If the business which you’re working with won’t help you in terms of fixing the product or offering you a refund, then you can take it up a notch. Sometimes, a business may tell you to directly go to a manufacturer, but it will be the retailer’s responsibility to do this, as they have the product created and sold to you.

If they are trying to tell you to do this, or just generally being unhelpful, then you should consider writing a letter of complaint to the company, going through your experience. This will include you giving them details on the problem you faced, when you faced it, and what you want as a solution.

Consider sending a copy to the head office as well as to the branch of the business that you’re dealing with will help to ensure that your problem is escalated and taken seriously.