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Effectiveness of Direct Mail Marketing in the Digital Era

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Communication and marketing channels have increased significantly with the remarkable evolution of digital technology. Nowadays, hardly any business or individual relies on direct mail. Almost every activity these days is happening virtually. Compared to traditional marketing, promoting business products/services online helps a company save money, time and effort.

Photo by Monstera from Pexels
Photo by Monstera from Pexels

No matter how much heed you pay to devise digital marketing strategies for your business growth, you can’t overlook the benefits of direct mail marketing. To increase the loyal customer base and compel each of them to choose you over your potential competitors, focus on sending mailings by post. Buy envelopes online to send handwritten notes to everyone who invests in your goods or services.

It is essential to add a personal touch to your business to win the trust of your customers or clients. The more you succeed in surprising and mesmerising your audience, the better it is for your business. Here’s what clarifies that direct mail marketing still plays an instrumental role in the digital age.

Less Competition Means Higher Rate of Response

Compared to email, direct mail has significantly less competition. The conventional way of mailing has a higher response rate (4.4%) than online mail (0.12%.) You will be able to draw your existing and target customers’ attention quickly and compel them to take the desired action if you send them direct mail. Most companies nowadays understand that they annoy people by emailing them multiple times a day.

More Lasting Impression Is equal To Great Recall Value

It’s high time for businesses to realise that people are longing for experiences outside of the screens of their smartphones or computers. You will not end up further irritating your customers if they receive physical mail from your side. Direct mail marketing still stands out because of its tangible aspect. Taking this approach will help create a more lasting impression and enable the audience to recall. Here are a few reasons why direct mail is still very much alive.

Contributes to Increasing Qualified Web Traffic

You will see a growth in the volume of quality traffic to your business website if you start sending personalised physical mails to your prospects and existing customers. Nowadays, everyone knows that most companies send spam mail a lot. Hence, more than marketing emails, they trust mails, which arrive in their physical mailbox.

Concluding Thoughts

Without delaying any further, for the sake of your business sales and growth, plan and start running a direct mail campaign alongside digital advertising campaigns. The direct mail marketing channel can help you compel your audience to consider your business credible and eventually increase your return on investment.


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