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Vile video mocking death of Scots teen leads to amateur football club folding

A SCOTS amateur football team has folded after a video emerged on their Instagram of people mocking the death of a teen.

The Instagram live video appeared on the Kirkintilloch Harp’s official account on Sunday evening showing a group of men making jibes relating to Alex Iain Bonomy Lindsay.

Alex, from East Kilbride, South Lanarkshire, died in 2018 following a battle with mental health, aged just 18.

Alex Lindsay
Alex Iain Bonomy Lindsay.

His friends set up Bonomy FC in memory of the tragic Scot and have been playing weekly games since.

However, after Kirkintilloch Harp beat Bonomy FC 3-2 on Sunday, a group of men, believed to be the team’s players, were captured mocking Alex.

In the clip, posted on the official Kirkintilloch Harp Instagram live, a player wearing his club jumper was filmed saying: “A message to our friends from East Kilbride, representing Bonomy FC, those who laugh last, laugh loudest.”

The camera phone then shows his friends, who are also wearing club colours, where one can then be heard shouting: “Six feet under.”

As the man filming the video continues to satirically thank Bonomy FC for the points, he pans the camera over to someone sitting across from him.

Bonomy FC
Bonomy FC was formed by Alex’s friends in his memory.

The man can then be seen raising a pint, before saying: “For Alex.

“To Alex, your dead friend.”

The group then burst out laughing at the disrespectful gesture before the clip ends.

Following the video, Kirkintilloch Harp have announced that they have folded with immediate effect and will play no more of this season’s games.

Their statement read: “We advise that Kirkintilloch Harp has folded with immediate effect. 

“We too support the fight against mental health, and to that end would ask that the harassment and threats directed to the Kirkintilloch Harp players and family members cease immediately.”

The Alex Lindsay Cup
Charity fundraiser in Alex’ name for ADORED mental health charity.

The Sunday Central AFL league, in which the teams compete, last night (MON) said: “Football Central have started disciplinary procedures against Kirkintilloch Harp citing breaches of our social media policy and bringing the game into disrepute.

“The people in the video will be cited for the same.

“Tonight, Kirkintilloch Harp sent in a letter of resignation to the league, but at our committee meeting it was decided the letter of resignation was not accepted whilst disciplinary procedures are ongoing.”

Bonomy FC issued a statement yesterday, reading: “We are absolutely lost for words with what we have witnessed on social media. 

“A game of football has spilled over to disgraceful comments on the passing of our close friend Alex.”

The East Kilbride side added: “Bonomy F.C was formed and continues to raise awareness for mental health, numerous tournaments and fundraisers have been made since we started as a club to support charities that mean the most to us like Adored – SCIO.

“We pride ourselves on these values and will keep doing our bit as a club to contribute.”

The Facebook post has received almost 300 likes and almost 100 shares.

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