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Top 3 Must-Have Business Tools for Amazon Sellers


Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace- and quite possibly the most competitive, too. It’s hard to get an edge over the stiff competition the digital space presents, with many business owners opting to pay for sponsored ads and priority spaces on search result pages in an attempt to beat the competition.

Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Many new sellers on Amazon for the first time overlook one of the most effective ways of rising above the competition- using business software and digital tools! While the world of business is increasingly automated (especially on Amazon, where every process is optimised like clockwork), it’s worth having a look at the tools that can help you as an Amazon seller.

Sure, it goes without saying that if you need help selling on the world’s most competitive marketplace, hiring an Amazon agency to help grow your business and improve your rankings is typically the best option out there. However, if you’re looking for a gentler boost to your business on Amazon, this software will serve you well.

  1. Helium 10

Helium 10 is a suite of business tools that could easily be mistaken for the perfect Amazon FBA software solution. Even though the product is more expensive than other comparable tools on the market, the price does reflect the value and work that has gone into developing a quality software solution for Amazon sellers and business owners.

Helium 10 comes with software that includes: a keyword processor, a listing writer, a competitor research assistant, rank tracker and index checker- to name just a few of the benefits on offer with this package! Essentially, Helium 10 does a lot of the heavy lifting for you when it comes to market research. The software can help Amazon sellers to track what keywords they should use in shop listings and product titles while also providing a bigger picture of what competitors are up to and how your shop’s rankings are placed in the current marketplace climate.

  1. RepricerExpress

Often labelled a ‘must-have’ by industry experts, RepricerExpress makes it easy to price your products reasonably on Amazon (though the tool is also applicable for eBay sellers). Essentially, this tool automatically adjusts the price of your products- which may sound intimidating until you look at the results it provides. Many sellers have indicated that using RepricerExpress has actually increased their sales by a substantial amount, as the program changes the price of products to allow certain products to rank higher on listing pages and marketplace search results.

Many Amazon and eBay sellers already make good use of repricing software to benefit their rankings; however, RepricerExpress is thought to be among the best of what the current market has to offer.

  1. Jungle Scout

Without any doubt, one of the most popular apps for Amazon sellers is Jungle Scout – a favourite on the Amazon FBA market for several years. Jungle Scout seems to have it all: it’s affordable, user-friendly, and comes with a wide variety of features that make the app worth every penny as a business tool.

What does Jungle Scout do? Put simply, it allows business owners to perform keyword research, analyse product performance, manage inventory, and keep track of sales- among other things. Whether you’re just starting out selling on Amazon or are looking for a tool to support established rankings on the marketplace, Jungle Scout is a tool with much to offer your business.