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The Best Gifts for Scotch Lovers

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If you show up at Christmas dinner with a bottle of Johnnie Walker wrapped in a generic liquor store bag, the people at your table will yell, “Oh no, no you did it again.”. Don’t just settle for a plain bottle this year. Check out these gift ideas for those who love whisky.

Photo by Ivan from Pexels
Photo by Ivan from Pexels


Glasses like this are firmly rooted in the gentlemen’s club, which is the perfect place to enjoy a drink after dinner with whisky and cigars. You can give your husband unique whisky snifters that they will surely love. Although it was once primarily brandy glass, it is now much more commonly used for drinking dark, aged spirits. Spirits are usually designed to keep their contents contained when partially horizontal. 


You can never go wrong with a whiskey subscription. With Flaviar, members receive a quarterly tasting box and a full bottle of whisky each quarter, so that they can discover and appreciate spirits.

Unique Decanters

It is not uncommon for men who really love scotch to serve their favorite beverages in style. This may include using attractive serving trays or fancy glasses for guests to enjoy. Give them a crystal decanter so they can use it to store their Scotch whisky during holiday parties. Buy them a whiskey decanter and whisky glasses is a great way to go all out. You can check the BlackTailNYC for recommended whisky glasses that will surely fit the decanter you may want to buy.

Scottish Gifts For Football Lovers

Something related to football is usually a good Scottish gift for men. It seems to me that a map of Scotland in football-related words would be a unique gift. In addition, they should consider football merchandise from their favourite team or nation. Look through the different shops to find the right football jerseys, beanies, or scarves!

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

Do ice cubes water s watering down your drink? You can get your hands on the ey Stones Gift Set! A true understanding of how much you need this will only come once you give it a shot. This awesome whiskey stone is a great substitute for ice. A whiskey stone is usually made of stainless steel and is BPA-free, so it will not affect the taste of your drink. These whiskey stones are also much cheaper than making ice every time you drink scotch. Additionally, your liquor will be complemented by this whiskey stone gift set. Achieving a sleek and sophisticated look conveys a futuristic vibe. If you know someone who loves to drink alcohol with style, then this would be a great gift idea.

Whiskey Flask

There are no situations where you shouldn’t have a whiskey flask filled up unless you’re driving or trying to get on a plane. In order to make your drinking experience as convenient as possible, whiskey flasks need to be durable and hold at least a few shots of liquor so that you can enjoy a drink whenever you like. A great whiskey flask is a perfect item to have on hand when you’re starting to lose your mind over something boring, taking the edge off a stressful moment, or turning up for a party.

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