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“Utterly amazing” TV historian Neil Oliver blown away by incredible portrait on fan mail

SCOTS TV historian Neil Oliver has been blown away by an incredible hand drawn portrait of himself that was sketched on a piece of fan mail.

The 54-year-old presenter shared a photo of the envelope with his 135,000 followers on Twitter on Tuesday.

The image shows a large, detailed image of the BBC Coast and Vikings star’s face featuring his famous long dark hair.

Neil Oliver fan mail
The fan mail sent from Guernsey.

Royal Mail managed to deliver the letter from just the drawing and the sender, from Guernsey in the Channel Islands, simply writing: “try Neil Oliver”.

The broad location of Stirling, Scotland has also been added to help the postie find their way but didn’t include his specific address.

Oliver was so impressed by the fan mail he tweeted: “This is utterly amazing to me.”

His post has received over 8,000 likes and hundreds of comments from social media users who were impressed by the portrait.

Neil Oliver fan mail
The fan mail sent from Guernsey.

@nuturingfoods wrote: “Absolutely awesome art. What a pleasure that must be to receive.”

@LadyFilmFatale said: “That is beautiful. I love that people are writing real letters. It restores connection.”

@Saltairebkshop commented: “You’ve joined the ranks of George Bernard Shaw, possibly a dubious honour.

“He also received pencil drawings of him on envelopes, which reached him. Good likeness too, so hats off to the sender.”

@DWMcIntyre_ added: “Wow. You deserve this. We believe in you and trust you Neil. If only those deciding our fate did.”

In the last year, Oliver has shared weird and wonderful letters on social media that posties have managed to decipher and deliver to his home in Stirling.

Neil Oliver's fan mail
Oliver’s hoard of fan mail letters.

He has now reached such levels of notoriety that fans have only needed to name or draw a decent enough depiction of him for their letters to be delivered.

Earlier this year, he tweeted one piece of mail that he received, simply addressed to: “You know the chap…” followed by the broad area of Stirling.

Another letter arrived addressed to: “Looks a bit like Dave Grohl these days, knows about old stuff.

“Got a postman that looks double hard, probably wears shorts all year.

“Somewhere near Stirling, Scotland.”

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