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UncategorizedDo online platforms help or hinder the high street?

Do online platforms help or hinder the high street?

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The online world has changed how people shop and consume media in the modern world. No longer do people have to leave the house in order to carry out the most basic of tasks. We’ve taken a look at how the online world and their various platforms have had an impact on the high street.

Online casinos vs land-based casinos

This is one of the few times when an online platform hasn’t actually had an impact on the high street. This is because even the top online casinos, with the very best online slots, don’t actually have the same market as land-based casinos.

Dermot Heathcote, author at the irish casino review site Irishluck.ie states: “It may sound strange, but land-based casinos are all about providing a different experience to an online casino. Online casinos are aimed at providing players with as many games as possible to play, while land-based casinos are aimed at providing visitors with an overall entertainment experience.”

A great example of this would be that the number of games that are available at an online casino can often hit more than 5,000 different variants, with an unlimited number of places for players to play. At land-based casinos there are normally around 1,000 different variants but with up to around 10,000 places for players to play.

With this in place, why would players choose to go to a land-based casino over an online casino? Put simply, a land-based casino provides more than just the games. Whether it’s elaborate fireworks displays, high-class music and plays or top-of-the-line food offerings, land-based casinos provide visitors with a complete experience.

It means that different parts of the market are targeted by these two offerings. The only real impact that online casinos may have made is to increase the desire of some players to visit a land-based casino. So, online casinos may have a positive impact on land-based casinos in the long term.

Online shopping vs high street stores

While the high street isn’t dead just yet, there are definite death knells in place. A big reason for this has been online shopping. It’s extremely simple for people to carry out their shopping from the comfort of their own home these days. It can be done either through apps or through a shopping website. Additionally, the prices often tend to be a lot cheaper through online platforms.

The main reason for the cheaper prices is that online platforms can buy in bulk due to offering products to many more people than a high street store. On top of this, the overheads for operating an online store are a lot lower than those of a high street store. All of this has caused a lot of high street stores to close down.

What has impacted heavily on high street stores has been the arrogance and disregard towards customers. An example of this would be when items become scarce, lots of stores have taken the opportunity to significantly increase their prices in order to take advantage of increased demand. This behaviour means that formerly loyal customers are much more likely to find other ways to shop.

The ease of use for online platforms is also an attraction for customers. Visiting the high street can often be expensive before you have even purchased anything. Car parking charges, public transport costs and fuel costs are all ways that any purchases can be made more expensive. All of these aspects have moved to make the high street much less desirable for shoppers.

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