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Scot selling “used” Nazi-themed cleavers with swastikas on side

A SCOT has listed a set of “used” Nazi-themed metal cleavers for sale online with carvings of swastikas on the side.

Seller Jim Docherty, from Glasgow, claims that the items would fit nicely as a display in a home or in a “man cave” while describing their condition as “used”.

The items, listed on Facebook Marketplace on Sunday, are described as appearing to have “German emblems on the blades”.

Nazi Cleavers
The Nazi cleavers that were listed.        (C: Facebook)

The 40 centimetre long cleavers have stains and are listed for £100 pounds. 

Self-employed Jim claims he does not know the history of the cleavers as he obtained them through trading.

In the past, the Scot has shared images on his Facebook page of old axes, shields and long swords, that all appear to be hundreds of years old.

Nazi Cleaver
One of the cleavers show two Nazi emblems on them.           (C: Facebook)

The listing reads: “Pair of old cleavers, make nice wall hangers ideal for a man cave or display.

“There are what appears to be German emblems on the blades, they are 40cm over all the blades are 22cm x 10cm, very heavy steel.

“I don’t know any history with them. I traded them for something else recently, inspection welcome.”

The Facebook listing detailing the shocking Nazi memorabilia
The Facebook listing detailing the shocking Nazi memorabilia.           (C: Facebook)

One Twitter user reacted angrily to the shared post of the listing.  

@chowatrandom said: “Wtf are they serious?”

It was common place for high ranking Nazi members to partake in the sword duels with one and other.

These blades can be seen in museums like the National Holocaust Centre & Museum in Nottinghamshire, but there is far less detailing on cleavers. 

Although there is no laws prohibiting the sale of Nazi memorabilia in the UK, there are strict laws in other parts of Europe. 

In Germany trading of Nazi related items, including; coins, stamps and period literature such as books, pamphlets and magazines, is banned.

Auction websites such as eBay have put policies in place to protect themselves too.

The sale of Nazi-themed items made after 1933 that contain swastikas, or reproduced items such as uniforms and Holocaust memorabilia is strictly prohibited.

Amazon came under fire in 2018 after sellers were found to be selling Nazi-themed goods.

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