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The must-have set of gym equipment for home workouts

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One of the most misguided thoughts is the thesis like “you always need a gym for intensive sport exercises.” When you are a professional athlete – yes, you can’t achieve high records at home. But when you are just trying to be fit – the little set of adjustable dumbbells is useful too. Let’s see what kind of gym equipment the rookie athlete needs for a home.

Adjustable dumbbells

The main thing for every newcomer is fitness. Pumping exercises for smaller muscles are just great. The solid vinyl dumbbell set is great for warming up with a small load. The smaller dumbbells sometimes are called “gymnastic” and weigh only about several pounds. The main exercises for these devices include:

  • stretching of your upper limbs and jointsC
  • pumping of your biceps, deltoids, cuff muscles, etc.;
  • a static load for your torso;
  • various torso crunching.

Adjustable dumbbells are the most flexible type of loads in the whole home equipment. The athlete can work only on the one dedicated group of muscles with accurate loads. Also, these are basis weights in the rehabilitation complexes. At least, they are cheap and compact.

Adjustable dumbbells set

Barbell set

The next level for the rookie. The barbell is a key to your healthy backbone, broad shoulders, and robust stature. The warm-up gear has the little one, often even non-adjustable. The main pro tips about these devices are:

· take up the Olympic standard when you are in the form already. It is the most balanced and common type of device for powerlifting and heavy workouts;

· the price of the barbell set (and for plates separately) depends on its size. But the number is non-linear. For middleweights that are needed for casual athletes, the common price in the stores would be about two dollars per kilo. The heavier the barbell is – the cheaper every kilogram will be;

· you can do all the standard exercises with the small and big sets as well. Front squat, bench press, Romanian deadlift – these moves depend only on your form.

Hence, you need universal adjustable barbells for home, and the little one for warm-ups, stretching, etc.

Barbell weight

Weight plates set

Your own body is a great training gear by itself. Squats and push-ups are the mandatory parts of the physical base. Still, new types of athlete activities are coming. For example, Crossfit is very popular today. Nevertheless, what form do you have – one can be trained this way. So, there is some advice about it:

  • standard weight plates of metal are good in the combination of barbell exercises. The big and metal ones help to strengthen your fibers. Also, they are pretty helpful in the static exercises;
  • vinyl weight plates are for fitness, pilates, and other types of middle intense activities. Polymer is lighter than steel or cast iron, with almost the same size4
  • the round shape with the hole allows you to combine and invent. There are some excellent workouts with belts and weight plates that are pretty universal.

Weight plates make your fingers stronger and more flexible. Also, the upper limbs can be stretched that way more effectively. Still, they are not a complex replacement for dumbbells. A rookie athlete needs both of the sets. Various workouts help the development of different groups of fibers at the same time.

weight plates

A gym bench

Alpha and omega of every athlete complex. You need one. Every training court has a gym bench. Of course, many exercises are done with a standing stature or laying on the floor. But the workbench is way more versatile. Here are the tips:

·Mind your weight. It means you must calculate yours on the body plus your peak gear and several dozens of kilos. Just for additional security. Metal also can be “tired”;

·Mind your height. If the athlete is buying a non-adjustable bench, then he/she needs an ankle measurement;

·The basic set is the best for the home. A bending workbench with a footrest is enough.


An average workout can be performed occasionally by everyone. A basic set of dumbbells, barbells and weight plates is enough for everyone. The summary cost is about several hundred dollars if you are an amateur. And, respectively, it would be about several thousand for a professional athlete. A complex and expensive gear isn’t necessary for home

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