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Top StoriesAdorable video shows youngster chooses Gordon Ramsay's cooking over her parents

Adorable video shows youngster chooses Gordon Ramsay’s cooking over her parents

AN ADORABLE video shows a youngster choosing Gordon Ramsay’s cooking over his parents.  

The Scots chef was filmed being in his element when Brody Schaffer was asked by his dad Bobby Shaffer whose food he prefers.

Ramsay, 54, posted a video onto his TikTok yesterday showing his reaction to the father and son’s video.

In the clip, Brody is shown sitting in front of his dad who tells him: “Who cooks better, mummy or daddy?”

The six-year-old quickly quips back: “Gordon Ramsay”.

Bobby can be seen putting his head in his hands while Ramsay gets a lovely ego boost, saying: “I love you dude”.

The video continues with Brody expressing all the reasons why Ramsay is a better chef, adding: “He’s so sassy, he’s so gorgeous.”

The clip ends as a delighted Ramsay agrees with the youngster’s opinion, responding: “You’re so correct, man.”

Brody and Bobby Schaffer.
Bobby’s dismay at Brody’s hilarious answer.

Ramsay shared the video with his 27 million followers on TikTok yesterday, captioned: “Honoured to be the best cook.

“And yes I am sassy, just ask @tillyramsay.”

The clip has received over two million views and more than 500,000 likes.

Thousands of viewers have also commented on the post after finding Brody adorable.

@monicacunningham8 said: “How much did you pay him to say that Gordon.”

@eijisung wrote: “This video is so cute, I’m crying.” 

@michaelhoman769 commented: “You possibly have a future chef there Gordon.”

Togahimikomha3 added: “I love Gordon Ramsay too.

“If my parents did this I would choose him really quickly.”

Brody, from California in the US, often appears on his mum’s TikTok account which has over three million followers.

Brody and Bobby Schaffer
Brody and Bobby Schaffer.

Ramsay – well-known for his no-nonsense approach to professional cooking – posts often to his popular TikTok page.

His best known videos, #RamsayReacts, focus on taking digs at other chefs’ attempts at his recipes and their own odd creations. 

Brutally analysing the users attempts, it’s rare that Ramsay gives positive feedback. 

Born in Johnstone, Renfrewshire, Ramsay founded his restaurant group, Gordon Ramsay Restaurants in 1997.

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