Thursday, July 7, 2022
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Braveheart superfan, 4, dresses as William Wallace complete with real life “horse”

A YOUNG Braveheart fan has dressed up as William Wallace with face paint, a sword and even a real life “horse”.

Four-year-old Noi Dempster wanted to dress as the iconic Scottish warrior for years and finally had her wish on Sunday.

The adorable tot, from Dumfries, donned blue and white face paint, a tartan scarf and kilt, and even a sword she bought from the gift shop at the Wallace Monument.

Noi dressed as William Wallace holding her sword up
Noi even rode her Shetland pony Crunchie to complete the look.                                                      (C) Michelle Dempster

To complete her patriotic look, Noi enlisted help from her 10-year-old miniature Shetland pony, Crunchie, to act as one of Wallace’s horses.

The youngster constantly watches Braveheart and loves the classic pre-battle scene in the movie where Wallace, played by Mel Gibson, gets his troops riled for battle.

Adorable images show Noi perched on top of Crunchie with a yellow Lion Rampant flag tied around her waist.

One photograph shows Noi with her sword drawn high in the air as she pretends to be the Scots legend.

Noi made the most of her costume by riding around Dumfries on Sunday and shouting “freedom” to locals when they opened their doors.

Images of Noi were shared on a Scottish Instagram page yesterday and have collected over 28,400 likes.

Hundreds of impressed social media users left comments on the post.

@Made_in_scotland_1967 said: “I love it, what a wee cutie, freedom!”

Dardoooo16 wrote: “That’s genius, take a bow.”

Kj200000005 commented: “Hands down the best costume I’ve seen.”

Noi dressed as William Wallace
The four year old loved Braveheart and even went to see the Wallace Monument last year.                 (C) Michelle Dempster

And Alan_j_barnes_21 added: “That’s sensational, the future of Scotland is in safe hands.” 

Speaking today Noi’s mum, Michelle Dempster, 36, said: “We’ve been dying to do it for two years now. 

“She loves watching Braveheart and William Wallace and loves watching the classic speech scene on YouTube.

“When we got the pony we knew it would be great to do a William Wallace costume. 

“Noi is quite feral, she’s always outside and in the wild so it’s quite a good fit. 

“I just think she looked absolutely amazing, everyone says she’s won Halloween this year. 

“She loved it, she just kept shouting ‘freedom!’. That was her trick or treat, people would open their door and she would just shout it. 

“People just couldn’t believe it was a real horse. 

“She got the sword from the Wallace Monument last year after lock down and she’s kept it that whole time.” 

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