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Dog owner heartbroken after pet suffers heart attack “caused by fireworks”

A DOG owner has been left heartbroken after his beloved pet died from a heart attack “caused by fireworks”.

Jeff Hull said that Ollie was so petrified of the loud bangs from fireworks just over a week ago that he suffered a seizure.

The seizure caused the one-year-old Lhassa Apso to have a massive heart attack which resulted in Ollie’s heart stopping.

Ollie the dog pictured in his family home
Ollie the dog was a much loved family pet who died after suffering a heart attack.                       Credit: Jeff Hull / Facebook

The beloved pooch, who suffered from epilepsy, had been running around and happily playing with his ball just hours before the incident.

Jeff, from Maghaberry, Co Down, shared the tragic news on social media last Monday.

He said: “Absolutely heartbroken Ollie suffered a massive heart attack last night when having a seizure caused by the noise of fireworks.

“No one really seems to understand that small animals are petrified by sudden noise. 

Jeff, owner of Ollie the dog
Jeff Hull wants people to know of the danger of fireworks.                                                          Credit: Jeff Hull / Facebook

“This amazing wee chap was playing with his ball at 5.30 last night and was in Sandra’s arms taking his last breath at 6.45.

“Meet you at the rainbow bridge someday, I know you’ll be waiting for us.”

The post has been liked over 13,000 times with most opting to use the heartbroken or crying emojis.

Hundreds of social media users sent their condolences and called for a ban on loud fireworks.

Joye Henderson said: “I am so sorry to hear this, such a gorgeous little dog. Thinking of you and your family.”

Carole Lavarty wrote: “Ban fireworks completely, supposed to be a licence to use them but would be interesting to see how many licences were actually paid for this year. 

“Ban them completely like New Zealand has done.” 

Clodagh Murphy commented: “This makes me so angry! Poor wee thing, absolutely gutted for you.”

The rainbow that Jeff seen on his way home
Jeff spotted this rainbow on his way home after saying goodbye to Ollie.                                     Credit: Jeff Hull / Facebook

And Paul J Harden said: “Mate that’s terrible, sorry to hear this.

“One of my wee dogs spent the night hiding in the cupboard under the stairs, that was the worst I’ve seen her and her heart rate was crazy for about four hours.”

Jeff later added: “He was so special and we always knew that something so precious was only on loan to us.

“Today we said goodbye and as we drove home a giant rainbow formed over our house.

“Rest easy little one, you changed our lives.” 

Ahead of Bonfire Night last week, the RSCPA issued a statement which said: “In the last five years, we’ve received 1,621 calls about fireworks and their effects on animals.

“We see heartbreaking videos and images of animals struggling to cope during fireworks and the stress it causes them.

“There is information on the RSPCA website on how to prepare your pets in advance such as bringing pets inside and providing extra bedding to make a safe haven.

“We would also advise you to consult your vet if you feel your pet is particularly anxious.”

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