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“Call him ‘G. Ramsay’ from now on” – Gordon Ramsay showcases questionable dance skills

TV CHEF Gordon Ramsay has been dubbed “G Ramsay” after showcasing his questionable dance skills.

Ramsay was filmed yesterday showing off his moves for daughter Tilly who is currently taking part in this year’s Strictly Come Dancing

Ramsay was filmed seasoning a beetroot salad while popular TikTok song, I Will F**, by Moreart feat. IHI, plays in the background.

As the music intensifies, Ramsay, who turned 55-years-old today, takes a bite of his meal before breaking into a dance.

The Hell’s Kitchen star then breaks out into a boogie and moves around to the beat before the clip ends.

Ramsay posted the video to TikTok yesterday, writing: “Hey @tillyramsay did you say I can’t dance?

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay dances to the famous Tik Tok song.         Tik Tok. Gordon Ramsay

“#fooddance #tiktokfood” 

The post has already collected over 62 million views and 9.2 million likes from fans keen to get a glimpse of Ramsay’s dad moves.

The clip has also attracted over 78,000 comments, with many viewers poking fun at the Scots chef.

Gordon Ramsay.
Ramsay tops his meal with oil olive.              Tik Tok. Gordon Ramsay

@Mackenzie wrote: “Why does he dance with an English accent?” 

@Axel said: “Call him ‘G. Ramsay’ from now on.” 

@Hayden Fox commented: “Over seasoned but I don’t care because that was fire.” 

@xenoslayte replied: “Gordon here and Gordon on Hell’s Kitchen are two different people.” 

@DTScontent added: “Gordon I love you dearly but your dancing isn’t up to scratch with your cooking… yet.”

Gordon Ramsay
Gordon Ramsay seasons his meal.                    Tik Tok. Gordon Ramsay

Tilly, 19, defeated Adam Peaty in a highly anticipated dance off on Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday.

Tilly has now successfully survived six rounds on the much-loved BBC programme which started in 2004. 

The show is now running its 19th season which will next week cover the eighth week of the competition. 

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