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“The O2 is a money-rinsing machine” – London music venue charges £4.40 for a bottle of Coke

A LIVE MUSIC fan was left dumbfounded after spotting a London venue charging £4.40 for a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Erik Van Bommel couldn’t believe his eyes when he noticed the eye-watering prices for soft drinks at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, south-east London on Saturday.

Erik was visiting the venue to watch rock band New Order perform when he took photographs of the steep drinks prices.

Price screen O2 Arena
The drink prices at the O2 Arena.

Images show the venue charging over £4 for the 500ml bottle of Coca-Cola – usually priced at £1.54 from Tesco.

The 20,000 seater stadium is also charging customers £3.50 for a bottle of Buxton Still Water.

Other 500ml soft drinks, including Fanta and Sprite, will set fans back £4.20, while a can of the energy drink Monster is priced at £4.40. 

A 40 gram bag of crisps is set at a ridiculous £2.75 – three times more than the same size bag at Tesco, which costs 85p.

Dumbfounded by the prices of the drinks at the venue, Erik took to Facebook later on that night, writing: “Anyone able to show me a more expensive sugar fix?”

Erik Van Bommel
Erik Van Bommel.

The post has received over 300 likes and more than 150 comments from shocked social media users.

Gio R Gi said: “Water is what price? What? 

“And people are complaining about the price of petrol? 

“Do me a favour, alcohol is cheaper than all of them.

“So is not going to the 02, that’s the easiest decision I’ve made to date.”

Peter Smith said: “Only times I have been to the O2 has been to put stuff up or pull it down, and there ain’t no reason for the soft drinks and crisps to be that expensive anywhere under that plastic dome.

“There is a minimarket just 100 yards from the door when I was about, people have to pass it going to the carpark or trains and buses.”

John Regan wrote: “The O2 is a money-rinsing machine.

O2 Arena
The O2 Arena entrance.

“I drove to a gig there and it was £35 to park your car ‘because it was technically a 24 hour pass’.”

Matthew Pateman commented: “I’d be wanting Salt Bae to turn up and do something for that kind of price.”

Joel Alderman said: “Yeah, I went to the O2 for Little Mix just before Covid and I saw the price of beer and stayed sober for the evening.”

The O2 Arena, now back operating at full capacity after Covid-19 restrictions were lifted by the government in the summer, is set to play host to a month of throwback events. 

JLS, Steps and McFly are set to all take stage in the indoor arena at the end of the month.

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