Monday, July 4, 2022
NewsMum shocked after woman mistakenly takes vacuum thinking it was scrap

Mum shocked after woman mistakenly takes vacuum thinking it was scrap

A MUM who was outside vacuuming her car was shocked when her Shark was mistakenly taken by someone thinking it was left out for scrap.

Vicki Strawford had been outside her house cleaning her car just minutes before the incident happened on Saturday.

The mum-of-three, from Halesowen, West Midlands, had quickly popped inside to speak with her partner, asking him to bring the vacuum back in with him.

But Vicki was puzzled when she went back outside later to find her £180 Shark vacuum was nowhere to be seen.

She quickly looked back at CCTV to discover that a local woman who usually picks up scrap items from nearby houses had spotted the Shark and popped it inside her van.

Customer assistant Vicki posted an appeal online on Saturday to try and track down the woman to get her vacuum cleaner back.

She shared part of the CCTV showing the woman in a grey hoodie picking up the Shark and placing it in the back of a white Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.

Her post read: “Can whatever scrap person has taken my vacuum bring it back ASAP. I was hoovering my car, it wasn’t scrap!”

The post has gained over 360 likes and over 100 comments from social media users who saw the funny side to the incident.

Colin Kendrick said: “That’s proper funny but I really do hope the person brings it back to you lol.”

Debbie Neaves wrote: “Funny, but not funny. I hope you get it back!“

Ian Roberts commented: “Taking someone’s hoover. He’s Dyson with death man!“

Andy Yoza Hughes quipped: “Vax taking the p**s. Hoover took it should bring it back.“

And Kal Kandola wrote: “Looks like he’s made a clean getaway!”

Screenshot of the woman taking the hoover
The woman appears to assume that the vacuum is for the scrapheap.                                                    (C) Vicki Strawford

Speaking today, Vicki said: “It was only when I went to vacuum my house an hour later that I noticed it was missing.

“I asked my partner where it was and he said he left it outside. I went out and checked and nothing was there.

“We checked CCTV and she had pulled up literally three minutes after I came inside.

“She left one of the other hoover adjustments behind so she must have thought it was scrap.

“By the looks of it she drives round all the time collecting scrap. I’ve seen her on my road before so I’m hoping she comes back so I can ask for my vacuum back.

“I have got a replacement since then though – I made my husband go out and buy a new one – it’s his fault after all!”

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