Thursday, August 18, 2022
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With a portfolio tracker, you can immerse yourself into your assets wherever you are

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The stock market has rapidly evolved. Where it was paper-based first, and accessible to a lucky few, now it is democratized and open to everyone. With low transaction fees, you have the whole market at the tip of your fingers. This is brought to the next level by the emergence of the portfolio tracker. This application allows you to connect all your holdings and have a holistic view of your assets, both in traditional and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels
Photo by Andrew Neel from Pexels

Tracking your stocks more passively

With technology all around us, it becomes more important to stay connected. On the other hand, it is healthy to take some time off screens. We see increased stress, burn-outs, and more thanks to this constant need to stay connected. While you can immerse into your portfolio and soak up the latest news whenever you want, the goal is to limit this where possible. For example, by setting up push notifications you only receive news about your stock holdings or when specific price changes (e.g., more than 5%) occur. On all the other days, you can let your money work for you.

Stay on track with your strategy

As an investor, you have a strategy in place, combined with a horizon. Investors with 20 to 30-year horizons, usually diversify their portfolio as much as possible. A good example is through the use of well-known Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) from the likes of BlackRock (iShares) and Vanguard. These cover over a thousand companies across all markets. Investing in these products requires little attention. By Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), you can spread the average purchasing price and lower your risk.

Separate buckets for different types of strategies

Even if you are a passive investor with a long horizon, you could still play around with growth and dividend stocks. A portfolio tracker allows you to create separate portfolios in the application to separate these investments. This not only allows you to separate and look at your strategies in focus but also shows the overall performance across your portfolios. Hereby you can analyze your performance and adjust your strategy accordingly. This solves a problem present in many broker websites: having all your stocks in a single overview without the possibility to create clear strategy divisions.

Delta: an example of a portfolio tracker

To understand the power of a tracker, let us look at an example. Delta is a leader in the field and is offering lots of features for stock and crypto investors. By integrating with the largest brokers worldwide through API, you have a view of all your stock holdings. This can be combined with crypto holdings from the largest coins that are used through entering the Public Key. Delta will look at the specific blockchain and show all transactions (and your holdings) within the application. There is no need to move your crypto out of the wallets, allowing you to continue to stake and participate in Proof of Stake consensus mechanisms.

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