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Scots grandad creates caffeine packed “hangover drink” – from Buckfast and coffee

A SCOTS grandad has gone viral after creating a caffeine-packed “hangover drink” made from half a bottle of Buckfast and two scoops of coffee.

Popular TikTok star Jimmy Stewart created the “BuckCafe Latte” on Sunday after one of his followers asked him to help cure his hangover.

The 60-year-old, from Glasgow, filmed himself putting two heaped teaspoons of Nescafe Original coffee into a white mug before mixing with around 85ml of Buckfast.

Jimmy pours Buckfast into his drink
Jimmy pours Buckfast into the mug making his ‘BuckCafe’ Latte.                                                       Credit: Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy, who has caught the eyes of TV chef Gordon Ramsay for his videos in the past, then adds semi-skimmed milk before giving the drink a good mix.

The rail industry worker then places the drink into the microwave for two minutes before taking a sip of his drink that he claims can “cure any hangover”.

Jimmy’s video has been viewed over 469,000 times and appears to have been given the seal of approval after gaining over 14,000 likes.

More than 600 comments have been left on the clip from shocked viewers.

Jimmy drinking his concoction
Jimmy tries out the beverage for the first time.                                                                                Credit: Jimmy Stewart

Alan Anderson said: “Enough caffeine in there to have you climbing the walls.” 

Stephen Halliday added: “Rab C. wants his hangover cure back.” 

Mariss Tighe commented: “Jimmy this sure does work, honestly this has got to be the 1st hangover cure ever.” 

LeonGray316 said: “Better than Costa!” 

Speaking today, Jimmy said: “I first made the BuckCafe latte on Sunday morning, just a wee trial.

“I’m more of a lager man but I started drinking Buckfast last month. 

“It tasted alright as long as you like strong coffee.

“I tried one last night with chocolate but the coffee one is more popular and is better for the hangover. 

“It was actually my wee granddaughter that downloaded TikTok onto my phone, she’s only six and I keep an eye on her so I let her get the app.

“My mate showed me how to do the videos a while back and I’ve been going since then.”

Neuroscientist Dr Steven Alexander has claimed that there are 281 milligrammes of caffeine in a bottle of Buckfast – the same as eight cans of cola.

Jimmy has cultivated quite a following on the social media app since he downloaded it last year amassing over 230,000 followers.

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