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Student left stunned after Yodel driver told him to “be home” in cheeky note

A STUDENT was left astounded after a brazen Yodel driver told him to “be home” in a cheeky note.

Liam Watson was shocked to have been delivered the rude card alerting him to the missed delivery whilst he was working in Colchester, Essex on Wednesday.

Liam had received a text from North Face just moments before the note was delivered, stating that his order was with a courier and would arrive between 12PM and 2PM.

The yodel note left for Liam
Liam noticed the card when he got home.                                                                                          Credit: Liam Watson

Liam couldn’t believe the cheek of the driver to deliver the jibing note whilst he was working and had just seconds notice to get back to his home to receive the parcel.

One image shows the orange and white note which has been printed with the words: “Sorry I missed you when I came to deliver parcels.”

The driver has then not filled in whether the parcel has been left in a safe place or delivered to a neighbour

Instead, the courier has chosen to simply scrawl over the two lines given with the advice: “Be Home.”

Liam shared his note online
Liam took to Twitter to share the cheeky note.                                                                                   Credit: Liam Watson

Liam took to Twitter on Wednesday to share an image of the note, writing: “@YodelOnline, imagine giving someone precisely 60s warning that their parcel is due to arrive and having a delivery person leave an arsey note. Good job, guys.”

Speaking today the insurance broker told of how he initially found the text funny before he saw the note.

He said: “To be honest, I thought it was quite funny when they sent the text effectively telling me I needed to make the journey home in 60secs.

“You usually get a text the day before to say what your window is.

“Then the note was just a bit frustrating.

“The cheek of it was what got me more than anything.

“I know for a fact if I gave service like that to any of my clients I’d be in for a right telling off.”

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